Extended xDrip integration

Xdrip now supports all MiBand’s and Amazfit Band5 device

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Custom watchface config.json data structure

Main config.json object data structure Property name Property type Description info Info Default Described additional info about current watchface use_custom_arrows Boolean false If true , will use custom arrow images from /xdrip/arrows folder. The arrows folder should contain 7 images with the following names. DoubleDown, DoubleUp,Flat, FortyFiveDown, FortyFiveUp,SingleDown,SingleUpIf false or not specified, the embedded arrows would be used. resource_to_replace int 0 Defines the resource number which should be replaced and usedContinue reading “Custom watchface config.json data structure”

WatchDrip+ a new application for xDrip watch integration

In order to provide more flexibility  and improve continious updates for official xDrip app and MiBand(Amazfit) devices, i decided to separate watch integration and xDrip into two separate applications which would communicate with each other. The work on this idea was started at the beggining of 2022 year, and when it was almost done for testing, the russian invasion happens. This factor interrupted almost all work related to watch integration projectContinue reading “WatchDrip+ a new application for xDrip watch integration”

A new supported device, Amazfit GTS2 Mini

 During the Christmas and New Year holidays, I worked on integrating xDrip with the Amazfit GTS2 Mini clock. And finally, it is ready and I am happy to provide an updated version of the xdrip with Amazfit GTS2 Mini support.     Though a little late with congratulations, I wish you happiness, good health, and well-being from the bottom of my heart! Thank you all for your support.    Actually, the first attempts ofContinue reading “A new supported device, Amazfit GTS2 Mini”

New MiBand6 integration for xDrip

I’m glad to present a new Xiaomi MiBand6 (also known as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6) integration for xdrip. The new version is already available for people who supports this project on patreon and would be available after 8.11.2021 for everyone. Xiaomi managed to pack in more features while keeping the price as low as it always was, which I think makes this band ideal for glucose monitoring. The watchface uploadingContinue reading “New MiBand6 integration for xDrip”

A new xdrip bring Amazfit GTR2, GTR2e, GTS2, GTS2e and GTR42 support

I’m glad to announce a new version of xdrip which brings Amazfit GTR2(GTR2e)  and GTS2(GTS2e)(not well tested at the moment) devices support. It was not easy to make such integration because there were no watcface editors  for these devices.  So at first, i would need to create an editor. After reverse-engineering a lot of standard watchfaces I’ve understood the watcface format and  made a watcface packer/unpacker and watcface editor for theContinue reading “A new xdrip bring Amazfit GTR2, GTR2e, GTS2, GTS2e and GTR42 support”

Amazfit Bip, Bip Lite and Amazfit GTR integration.

For the last 2 month, i’ve been working on extending integration for Amazfit devices. And it looks like it was successfully done. Such incredible extension has been sponsored by people from Patreon. So I want to say a big thank you for mzst 123, Otto75so3e, Lukas Petro, kyungmee Yoo, Gábor Vértényi, Michalis Velona, Felix Seidel, Alberto HD, Kichul Kim and other people who supported this project on Patreon. The collected moneyContinue reading “Amazfit Bip, Bip Lite and Amazfit GTR integration.”

Amazfit Band5 integration

If someone missed the latest update Ver this APK version brings Amazfit Band5 device support. This band has almost the same features and price as MiBand5 from Xiaomi. But Amazfit Band5 has some extra features which can be useful. AMAZON ALEXA BUILT-IN: Talk to Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit Band 5. Ask questions, get translations, set alarms, and timers, create shopping lists, check the weather, control your smart home devicesContinue reading “Amazfit Band5 integration”

New xdrip now supports MiBand 5

I’m glad to announce the release of a new version of xdrip. It has a lot of changes suggested by patrons. I hope you enjoy them.

Future of the xdrip miband project

I’ve decided to improve miband integration, and change the method which was used to represent glucose data for MiBand4. Instead of the date modifying and using a custom watchface which interpreter a custom date format in correct way, i will generate entire watchface with a dynamic background and upload this watchface to the band. By using this method, all the disadvantages of changing the date on the watch will disappear, andContinue reading “Future of the xdrip miband project”

Displaying blood glucose on Xiaomi MiBand fitness trackers

Upd. 29.1.2020 new xDrip version which allows using all MiBand4 features available here https://bigdigital.home.blog/2020/01/23/future-of-the-xdrip-miband-project/ Updates for the this xdrip version would be discontinued. Introduction The miband trackers it is a very good device for usual life tracking. There’s a lot to like in Xiaomi trackers. They are cheap and small. For about $40, you get a fitness tracker that has waterproofing, a heart rate monitor, text and call notifications, sleep tracking,Continue reading “Displaying blood glucose on Xiaomi MiBand fitness trackers”

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