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WatchDrip+ a new application for xDrip watch integration

In order to provide more flexibility  and improve continious updates for official xDrip app and MiBand(Amazfit) devices, i decided to separate watch integration and xDrip into two separate applications which would communicate with each other.

The work on this idea was started at the beggining of 2022 year, and when it was almost done for testing, the russian invasion happens. This factor interrupted almost all work related to watch integration project support because it was time when i was needed to take care about my family safety and survival.

At the moment the situation in Ukraine i guess is more controllable (thanks to countries sending foreign aid ). So i returned to Kyiv and want to finally release a new application.

To make a new application work, you need a xDrip (at the moment it is an original xDrip with a small change into the code which i hope would be integrated into the official xDrip after testing) . Also, you need the latest version of WatchDrip+ which would act as a communication bridge between your watch and xDrip.  The new version is already available for people who support this project on Patreon and would be available after 22.06.2022  for everyone.

Configuration tutorial by steps

1. Obtaining auth key

  1. If the Mi Band is already connected via the original Zepp life(MiFit) app, the band
    should be unpaired and the original app should be uninstalled.
  2. Download and install the latest patched MiFit (for Xiaomi) or Zepp(for Amazfit) app from this website .This app allows to generate device authentification code required in the below steps. Alternative links to patched application for MiBands MiFit, for Amazfit Zepp.
  3. Login into the MiFit(or Zepp in case of Amazfit) with email and password. Create an account if necessary.
  4. Pair your smartband with modified MiFit(or Zepp). For this go to Profile tab and click on Add device button.
  5. Enable band visibility in the MiFit(or Zepp) settings. If you don’t have this option, make sure you have set your age in the account to 18 and above.
  6. (optional) Now you can uninstall modified MiFit (or Zepp) application and install official application or any other APK you like to use together with your device. If you would use official Mi Fit(or Zeppapplication, you would need to Login into the Mi Fit(or Zepp) with the email account which was used with the patched application.

MiBand2 and MiBand3

The Obtaining auth key phase for these devices can be skipped because it is required manual authentificatin

2. xDrip+ configuration

  1. Install xDrip with a small modification from the following link. In the nearest future, it would be possible to use official xDrip. Upd. 10.07.2022 The required fix were added to the official xDrip, so you can install the latest nightly build official xDrip
  2. Go to Settings -> Inter-app settings and enable Broadcast Service API checkbox
  3. That’s all for xDrip. But if you had the watch previously configured in xDrip. Go to Settings -> Smart watch feature -> MiBand and disable “Use Miband” checkbox (this is an outdated feature)

3. WatchDrip+ configuration

  1. Install WatchDrip+ app
  2. Switch on Enable service checkbox on the main screen and allow all permissions that would be requested.
  1. After this, in most cases, the watch should be automatically found and you will see a notification with your device name. The MAC address should be populated automatically. If this happens, you can skip the next step.
  1. If your watch was not found or found the wrong device, you can try to clear Mac Address field to retry autosearch or enter the device MAC address manually. The MAC address should look like this FF:EE:DD:CC:BB:AA , 6 two-digits hex values, semicolon-separated.

The device MAC address can be found in the application:

4.1 In MiFit, switch to Profile tab, open device settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Long tap on the MAC field to copy it to the buffer, after this.
4.2 In Zepp, switch to Profile tab, open device settings -> About This Device . Long tap on the MAC field to copy it to the buffer.
  1. At this step, the device required authentification. On MiBand2 and MiBand3, you should approve authentification by touching the button on the device screen. For the rest devices, you don’t need to do anything. Normally auth key should be automatically extracted from the file generated by the patched Mi Fit(or Zepp) application. And you will see the toast message like this:

If authentification fails :

  1. If authentification fails, there may be several reasons:
    1. Make sure the app connecting to the right device (compare your device MAC and MAC used in WatchDrip). If they are different, enter the MAC address manually as described above.
    2. Try to enter the authentication code manually. The authentification code generated by the patched app can be found in /sdcard/freemyband folder. You should open the wile with the corresponding to your device MAC. For example, if your device mac, FF:EE:DD:CC:BB:AA, the file should be mibandFFEEDDCCBBAA.txt. When you open this file with a text editor there should be a text like this FF:EE:DD:CC:BB:AA;5599f3acb91e02cfbf86b4faeb5652a4 . The code after semicolon, would be your device auth key: 5599f3acb91e02cfbf86b4faeb5652a4 . You need to copy this text and enter it into Auth Key field in WatchDrip+ app.
    3. Your authentification code was changed (which usually happens when resetting the watch to the default setting). Please obtain a new authentification code by repairing your watch with the patched app. Please note, that the device mac can be changed when you repair the device, so also recheck the mac address used by the app.

Once the device is connected and authenticated, wait for the next value in xDrip+, the watchface with xdrip data should be uploaded to your device.

It is also possible to force refresh watchface uploading by clicking the green Refresh button on the WatchDrip app main screen.

WatchDrip+ features

Main Settings
WatchDrip+ main screen

Enable service – You can enable and disable MiBand integration with this main switch. In this case, the application will stop communication with xDrip and your watch.

MAC Adress – your device MAC address, you can clear this field to autosearch supported device

Auth Key – The 32 characters authentication key used to authenticate the device. You can clear this field to let autosearch key from the file generated by patched MiFit(Zepp)

Send Alarms – Will send glucose alarms(low/high) to your device configured in xDrip settings

Other Alarms – Will send all alarms configured in xdrip, except glucose alarms (low/high)

Advanced Settings

Send reading – You must enable this to have readings on your device. For devices that support watcfaces, the watchface would be uploaded. If the device battery charge is below 12% or weak BT connection, only BG notification would be received. The MiBand2,3 support only bg notification.

Vibrate on reading – Your device will vibrate after reading, useful mostly for debugging

Use custom watchface – You can create your own watchface and modify the background image using these features. Keep them disabled unless you have correctly set the files required in the phone xDrip folder. For tips and an examples look here.

Disable High MTU – can be used when experiencing watchface display issues.

WatchDrip+ changelog

If you like this project and want to thank an author for work done or want to support further development of features, become a sponsor on Patreon or Ko-fi

If you have some advices regarding features that you want to see, or want to see similar feature on some specific band type, please write them in the comment of the donation form. Thank you.

Ver 0.1.3(30.06.2022)

  • Fixed graph update
  • Fixed miband5/amazfit5 lock icon inverse state on default watchface
  • Fixed the phone silence mode restoration after the alarm has been silenced

Ver 0.1.2(17.06.2022)

  • Fixed alarms issue
  • Added Italian translation 

Ver 0.1.1(15.06.2022)

  • The initial version

Supported devices

MiBand 2
MiBand 3
MiBand 4
MiBand 5
MiBand 6
Amazfit GTR 47mm
Amazfit GTR 42mm
Amazfit GTR2
Amazfit GTR2e
Amazfit GTS2
Amazfit GTS2e
Amazfit GTS2 Mini
Amazfit Band5
Amazfit Bip
Amazfit Bip Lite
Amazfit Bip S
Amazfit Bip S Lite

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

139 thoughts on “WatchDrip+ a new application for xDrip watch integration

  1. Hi Artem.
    First of all I am very happy to know that you and your family are fine, because watching news
    and reading newspapers about what is happening in Ukraine, I was very anxious because you
    haven’t informed us for a long time, so thank God you all are OK!
    As for the MiBand and Amazfit news, well, these are excellent news because, if I understand
    correctly, the solution you found is probably the definitive one, allowing us to have the MiBand
    or watch connected with the latest xDrip+ Nightly, if chosen, right?
    Very well done and appreciated.
    I’ll download it from Patreon, thanks.
    Andrea 🙂


  2. First and foremost, I’m happy to know that you and your family are relatively safe now. I hope this war ends soon with Russia defeated and Ukraine going back to normality. Слава Україні!

    Second, thank you for your exhaustive work. I’ll happily check out the new idea with separate app to handle the watch updates, it was so frustrating to manage the delay between xDrip getting data from Nightscout and the update of the watchface. I have high hopes for this new solution to optimize this.

    One question though: you write about an official Zepp app, but since not so long time ago there are two apps: Zepp and a newer one, Zepp Life. I’m under an impression that Zepp Life is going to replace the original Zepp app. Does it matter which one I use in the process of setting up your solution – does it have to be the Zepp app, not the Zepp Life?


  3. Hi Artem thank you for your work!
    Question: Will this approach solve the connections problems existing with the latest firmware for miband 6? So that you could use the latest firmware with no need to downgrade and install an older firmware?


      1. Hello,
        which is the last working firmware version with Miband 6?
        I’m using the v1.0.6.16, and I could pair it succesfully with “Notify for mi band” with the auth key (and removing the official Mi fitness app); but I cannot use WatchDrip at the same time.
        If I revert to a previous fw version, will I be able to use both “Notify for mi band” and WatchDrip simultaneously?


  4. Hi Artem, thank you for this and happy to hear life has some semblance of normality.
    I have tried all your suggestions in the tutorial but can’t get watchdrip to get readings from xdrip – it keeps saying No Data. Status. No response from xdrip app. Please check xdrip settings.
    I have disabled the use miband box and enabled Broadcast Service API.
    Miband 6 is connected and authenticated.
    I may have the newest mifit software running but am unsure how to roll back to the older miband 6 software. Would this be the cause?

    Many thanks,


    1. Same here. I´ve installed the xdrip_BroadcastAPI_0.2.apk and the WatchDrip_v0.1.1.2.apk and made all settings as suggested. My watch, a Bip S, is connected and authenticated. I´m using LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11).


      1. Hello I’m in the same situation with MiBand6 successfully connected but No data from xDrip (tried with versions from 06/22, 07/22 and 08/22). In xDrip, do we need to enable Broadcast compatibility ? and Sending Display Glucose ?


  5. Hello Artem thanks for the effort that are you doing after all for us.
    Thanks god you are ok, I guess every one who have a common sens desire that this awful war will be soon over .
    The impact around the globe is huge and we are very sad for the situation in Ukraine.
    By the way I have installed the small changed modified Xdrip BroadcastAPI app but unfortunatelly it cannot allow me to start the sensor again so I have to go back to earlier version 0.6.3.
    the watchDrip app seems to be working properly because has found the Miband 6 without any problem.
    Best regards
    From Brazil


    1. Hi, thank you for support. Regarding sensor start issue, 0.6.3 xdrip was based on official xdrip build , the same as new xdrip from the current release. It is possible that something was changed in xdrip code so it is not possible to restart sensor. If you can, please check if sensor restart works on official xdrip.


  6. Hi Artem.

    I wish you and your family safety.
    I wish Ukraine victory and peace.

    I followed the content of this post on my new phone. (Xiaomi RedmiNote10 Pro)
    It is connected to Miband4, and glucose value & arrow was correct working.
    but the graph part does not change.
    If i stop and start the service by pressing the “Enable service” button on the WatchDrip, the graph was change. (and it continues to be the same picture.)
    What should I check?

    i did not show this happen, When i use Ver 0.7(13.01.2022) & samsung galuxy note 9 & MiBand4.


    1. Hi, Thank you for your support. I guess i already fixed this problem. I will test locally a little and releasefixed version soon. You will need to update both apks xdrip and watchdrip.


  7. Hey Artem,

    Long-time reader and daily user of your apps, first time posting :). My MiBand 5 has died last week so I guess I’m on the market to buy a replacement. After reading this entry, my interest peaked for the Amazfit GTR 47mm, but I have a few questions before I take the plunge:
    – I was under the impression that the official Xdrip+ app already had support for Amazfit (; what differs when using the WatchDrip+ app from the official Xdrip+ app?
    – On the MiBand 5, every reading would trigger a watch face sync (; is this also the case with the Amazfit GTR? A bigger display may be extra annoyance when trying to fall asleep :P.

    Many thanks in advance and wish you and your family well during these troubled times.

    All the best,


    1. Hi, you are welcome! I do not recommend the first generation amazfit GTR/GTS because these watches had a very slow watchface uploading. They are not very suitable for dynamic watcface uploading which is used to display bg data on the watch. As for Amazfit option in xdrip, this is for Amazfit devices based on Amazfit OS Only Amazfit Pace/Stratos supported. For devices without OS, you should use my latest watchdrip app. All devices supported by this app displays data by updating watchface.
      I suggest to take a look to Amazfit GTR2/2e if you want a big round screen, or Amazfit GTS2 mini of want a little smaller device. At the moment, my favorite is GTS2 mini


      1. Hey Artem,

        I took your suggestion and bought myself an AmazFit GTR2e. Just… wow… Many thanks for all the time you put into this. This is a perfect integration for me: watchfaces are very fast to upload and we are now on the official xdrip branch.

        You have made my life much, MUCH better. Thank you Artem.

        All the best,

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Just to confirm that the new software is working fine on my Bip S Lite (with xdrip running on a Samsung A31).
    It seems to run much more reliably than the previous Miband solution.

    I spent some time editing a simplified watchface to remove the elements I don’t need (weather, heartrate, and the graph) and I now have a clear display of the time and glucose at a glance.

    Thank you again!


      1. No problem, I will send them to you – though I claim no credit for this as I just modified one of your watchfaces (03-WF-Bip_S-WF1) – and when I say ‘modified’ it was done by trial and error in the absence of any documentation that I could find…


        1. Hi twinko – I uploaded the watchface to your site, but I do not know how to generate the gif (as I just unpacked and repacked the bin file after changing the XML file that sets the screen layout)…


          1. Hi Dave, ah ok, got it. thought you used the watchfaceeditor to do that. I put in a blank. Thank you, already released it.


    1. Hi, yes. Some device wathfaces already have such info, for example in amazfit gts2 mini config file you can find battery_level option which allows to display the phone battery.But at the moment because of small bug, the battery data does not work in watchdip. This issue would be fixed in the next app update.


            1. Sorry, have been busy for last week with attempts to fix alarms on GTR2. But maybe i’ll postnote this fix and release a new version without fix for GTR2. I guess it would be available within a few days.


        1. Hey,
          I came from MiBand 4, directly connected to xdrip.
          I just want to have the value, not the graph, in xdrip there was a possibility to enable/disable the graph.
          Is there such a option also in watchdrip? Can’t find it.


        1. The value is used to generate the image in the watchface. So it is device independent.

          @bigdigital: Is there a documentation of the variables and their parameters?


  9. Hi Artem,

    thank you very much for your great work!
    Do you have any plans to make this work with the new xiaomi band 7 or 7 pro in the near future?

    Stay safe and I wish peace for you and your family!


    1. Hi, thank you. Nope, at the moment i do not have plans to make this work on miband7. Starting from miband7, the device uses another OS, and at the moment there is no known way to communicate with this type of the devices. The same for Amazfit GTR3/GTS3


  10. Thank you! I made a setting on my samsung s10 + miband 6. Please tell me if it will be possible to add in the future turning off the miband screen, when synchronizing, this happens every 5 minutes.


  11. Hello, my xiomi phone do not pair with my MIBAND5…even after hard reset…. It only pair with official app. Can you help please?


    1. Please check above, he already answered this:

      July 11, 2022 at 1:07 pm

      Hi, thank you. Nope, at the moment i do not have plans to make this work on miband7. Starting from miband7, the device uses another OS, and at the moment there is no known way to communicate with this type of the devices. The same for Amazfit GTR3/GTS3


      1. No. I mean the amazfit Band 7 not the xiaomi Band 7. this is a different device. a but confusing, but it is what it is… 😉


  12. Hi Artem, all right? I read in another comment about not having plans at the moment for miband 7. But what about the Amazfit Band 7, did you get to check it out? The names were a little confusing but it’s another smartband.


  13. Hi Artem, I´m using WatchDrip_v0.1.1.3 and the latest Nightly xDrip with LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11). My watch is a Bip S. I’ve noticed the following issues:

    Glucose alerts from xDrip will only appear as phone call after the second attempt. First is just an normal notification.
    Sometimes watchDrip reports the status: Authentication failed and does not update the watchface anymore (sometimes for hours). You then have to deactivate the service in the app and activate it again, then it works again without problems.
    Couldn’t this be automated and built in an automatic reconnection after communication problems, for example every 10 minutes?
    In the old xDrip_0.7 app you had a night mode that deactivated the clock lighting. That wasn’t good because you couldn’t read anything at night.
    Wouldn’t it be possible to disable the backlight before each update and enable it again immediately afterwards? The clock would not light up the bedroom every 5 minutes at night, but you could still read the display in the dark after pressing a button.


  14. Found out an issue with the latest xdrip with Broadcast Service API enabled.
    When I scan my sensor it seems that my phone tries to switch between Xdrip and LibreLink, it contantly pings.
    when I disable the function it only scans in Xdrip again.


      1. I have also seen this, or something similar. When I do an NFC scan with xdrip I sometimes (maybe 50%) get a popup asking whether to use Librelink or xdrip ( ).
        If a cancel the popup then xdrip updates as usual.

        Also, I have noted Watchdrip occasionally (maybe once/week) loses connection with my watch (Bip S Lite) but toggling bluetooth off and on solves it.


  15. I’m so incredibly grateful for what you’ve done for our community! Thank you!

    I’d like to make a few suggestions, though…

    Could you please modify the instructions here to indicate that the Mi Band 6 (and any other watches this applies to) needs it’s firmware downgraded? It took me 3 days of trying to figure out why I couldn’t get BOTH Watchdrip and MiFit/ZeppLife/Notify to communicate with the watch, before I discovered this was the problem. I was going crazy trying to understand why I had to choose between the Watchdrip face or being able to customize my watch setup. This is information that would have been greatly appreciated when I when I was following the setup instructions.
    I also highly encourage you to offer some watchface customization options for Patreon subscribers, or preferably the option to purchase additional faces in the app. I’m not tech savvy enough to understand how to modify them myself, but wish I could choose a more feminine color scheme. I also wish there wasn’t space wasted on tiny weather icons when I have a full screen weather shortcut a few swipes away. I don’t actually know what the market demand for this is, but I’m sure happy to give you my money for something pretty.
    Do you have a Ko-fi account? Patreon seems intimidating to my middle-class self. It sounds expensive. Whereas I’m much more likely to click on one of those, “if you appreciate my work, buy me a coffee [Ko-fi]” links.


    1. Hi, thank you for the advice. I’ll add links to the specific configuration for every device in this article.

      The project is developing, there are more and more settings and options for customizing the watcfaces which add possibilities to create new interesting watcfaces. There are already a few custom watcfaces available only for Patreon subscribers (at the moment only for amazfit gtr2, gts2). And i already have an idea to build some type of a watchface market in the Watchdrip so it would be possible to customize your watch view. After finishing this market i’ll start creating a watcfaces for different devices.

      Regarding Ko-fi, when i started, the only supported payment method which allows receiving payments in Ukraine was Payoneer, which is supported only by Patreon. But with starting a war in Ukraine the PayPal finally added the possibility to receive payments from outside the country. So now it would be possible to use such donation systems like Kofi (at least to try).


  16. Hi Artem,

    Hope all is well with you and family during a very difficult time! If I can ask a question … Is there support or support coming for Amazfit t Rex 2?



    1. Hi, at the moment trex 2 is not supported, and because it belongs to a new generation amazfit watches (uses a new os with a new communication protocol) not sure it would be supported in near future.


  17. thank you for everting. i tried with mi band 6. i did firmware downgrade. .my mobile is Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro.i can get only vibration to my miband 6. i cant see watchface. watchdrip+ status showing sleeping. how can i fix


      1. huawei mobile and miband 6 works nop . its my wife telephone. im using Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro and doesnt work watchface on miband . only reading and alerts come as vibration. Probelem is Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro. i gave all permissiıon even . but i cant fix . Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro doesnt allow someting but whats i dont know


  18. Hey artem, as you know im loving your work and i daily drive my gtr2e. Moreover it’s great to read about all your future plans. But i talked to the libre support and at least here in Germany it’s highly unlikely that we keep receiving libre2 sensors after December 2022. So starting next year everyone is forced to switch to libre3 sensors, some sooner some later. As far as i could read, there is no api available for Libre3. So there won’t be any xdrip support anymore.
    Do you see a solution for that on the horizon?



  19. Hi Artem,
    I very much appreciate your work!
    I integrated the Carelink Follower changes into the my xDrip fork to be able to use your watchdrip apk with my gts2 mini.
    I was actually waiting for your carelink release, but I couldn’t resist and I was wondering if anybody else would like to test your new application together with the carelink feature. The second release is working without issues.

    Could you maybe tell me how I can create a xdrip compatible watchface for the gts 2 mini. I checked twinko’s guide and your tooling but it seems those are not compatible with the gts 2 mini binary header. Did I miss something? How did you create the watchface? All hints are welcome ..

    Thank you and br


  20. Hi Artem,
    This is just an update to my previous comment to atomphil’s post regarding possible loss of connections…
    – In addition to the occasional drop in bluetooth connectivity noted before, I have also seen an error message about ‘auth failure’ but the Amazfit authorisation then works again without problem after restarting Watchdrip.
    – I have been seeing an Android notification on my phone (Samsung) complaining that Watchdrip is ‘using power in the background’ and offering to put the app in ‘deep sleep’. As far as I can see, there is no actual problem and I have hopefully changed the Android power settings to leave Watchdrip alone and stop complaining.
    Neither of these issues is a real problem, but they may be related to how robust the low-level interactions between Watchdrip and Android are?
    Thanks again and best wishes.


  21. Una pregunta, ¿el amafit bip 3 es compatible?, es compatible el bip solo ¿pero los modelos posteriores tambien?.

    Un saludo y muchas gracias Artem. Animo


    1. You can read al compatible devices in the artical above. And please write in english 🙂

      MiBand 2
      MiBand 3
      MiBand 4
      MiBand 5
      MiBand 6
      Amazfit GTR 47mm
      Amazfit GTR 42mm
      Amazfit GTR2
      Amazfit GTR2e
      Amazfit GTS2
      Amazfit GTS2e
      Amazfit GTS2 Mini
      Amazfit Band5
      Amazfit Bip
      Amazfit Bip Lite
      Amazfit Bip S
      Amazfit Bip S Lite


  22. make it for AMAFT BIP 3…plisss pliss.

    As expected, the patched zeep ap does not recognize it….

    a lot of strength friend…


  23. Hi, I have a Amazfit GTS 2 mini. The connection with watchdrip works (I switched on vibration in watchdrip and every 5 min. it connects perfekt to the phone). Problem: There is still no watchface transfered to the watch.
    What could be the problem?
    Firmware version on the watch is v1.0.5.25
    Many regards


    1. Can’t be sure without logs, but it could be you enabled a custom wf option and you have a broken or not compatible watchaface. Please make sure the custom wf option is disabled. If this does not help, please send me a log by using feedback option in watchdrip


    2. Problem solved🙂❗, sorry expalanation only in german. There could be a easier way. I don`t know?
      1. in der Uhr: Einstellungen, Zifferblatt ausschalten, aktiviert, geplanter Start z.B. 8 Uhr bis 21 Uhr einstellen.
      —> nach kurzer Zeit schaltet das Ziffernblatt in die einfache Ansicht (Digitaluhr oder Zeigeruhr).
      2. Uhr mit dem Handy gekoppelt lassen aber die gepatchte Zepp AP deinstallieren: auf dem Handy über Einstellungen, Aps, alle Aps, Zepp deinstallieren.
      3. aus dem Playstore die neueste Zepp AP z.B. Version 7.01 laden, installieren und mit Emailadresse und Passwort anmelden.
      4. Wenn sich die Uhr verbunden hat unten auf Profil, oben bei “Meine Geräte” auf Amazfit GTS 2 min., auf “Ziffernblatt Theke” und ein einfaches, kostenloses watchfache auswählen und installieren.
      5. in watchdrip oben rechts auf grünen Punkt drücken um das watchface auf die Amazfit GTS 2 mini zu übertragen.
      Jetzt sollten die aktuellen CGM Werte selbstängig im 5 Minutentakt auf der Uhr angezeigt werden🙂🥰


  24. Before switching to WatchDrip+ I was able to receive call notifications on my MiBand5… think that was handled by xrdip itself. This doesn’t work anymore, would this be possible to add to WatchDrip+?

    Thanks a lot for your efforts


      1. I’m using Mi Band 6 and configured this for the first time. Everything related with BG works, but no other notifications: neither from calls / messages, nor other apps. I’m not sure should they still work, or it is expected behaviour? In any case thanks for you work 🙂


  25. Hi Artem,

    I’ve a old MiBand 4 running with the latest xdrip+ and a custom Watchface (including a picture as a background, I don’t know how to add a picture here). I made it with the WF Builder. So I’ve the my_image.png and the my_watchface.bin in the xdrip folder.

    If I’d buy a MiBand 6, will it still run with that custom watchface?



      1. thanks for the very fast response. But can I do it the same way?
        I read the article where you describe the config.json, but I didn’t get the point how to really creat a new wf ^^


          1. And does it work the same way like the old one?
            So I creat a Watchface with the Editor, load it in the xdrip folder and that’s it?


  26. Hi, I just installed the version that support Amazfit T-Rex Pro, does it support also T-Rex?
    Then I’d like to report a bug on Bip Pro. After update I can’t set to receive Alert as a call, only as notify.
    Thanks so much for your work and if you need a tester for T-Rex, I’m available.


        1. The same for me, as I wrote on July 27th:

          I am now using the latest beta of xDrip and WatchDrip v0.1.2 (Android 11, Bip S). The problems that alarms are not displayed as calls and that the clock is not synchronized for hours with the message “authentication failed, sleeping” still exist. If I manually stop and restart the service, it works again. It would be good if Watchdrip would try again by itself.


  27. Hello Artem.
    I’m using your modified xdrip on Amazfit GTS2 mini, perfectly working.
    Now I see tha I can finally use the latest xdrip nightly instead (yahoooo, wonderful!).
    Question: have I to start all the procedure with only the change shown in:
    “2. xDrip+ configurationUpd. 10.07.2022” ,
    or can I only uninstall the old modified xdrip and install the official nightly, that’s all?

    One more question:
    have you any idea on how to link FreeStyle Libre 3 to xdrip+, an so to the many watches you allowed to link? 🙂
    This is a growing problem because many Sanitary Authorities in Europe and soon all over the world will cross from FS1 to FS3, due mainly to the lower cost of the system (no more glucose test strips and lancets, due to the claimed no need of calibrations).
    Thank you very much.



  28. Hi Artem, thank you sooo much for this app. It works amazingly well.

    May I kindly request, as a feedback, a functionality of night time please? My partners keep getting waking up as the watchface shines with full brightness during night as well, and it ignores all the other app settings.

    Many thanks!


  29. Hi Artem, and thank you for your amazing work! When do you expect amazfit gts 4 mini to be supported, or is it supported already?


  30. Hello Arthem … Thanks for the work ….
    I have trouble connecting xDrip to WatchDrip … Everything is according to the instructions … but I keep getting the message:

    No data and Status: No response from xDrip App. Please check xDrip settings.

    Android 8 + WatchDrip 0.1.2 09/04/2022 + xDrip latest night update 09/14/2022
    I would like to add that the following sets work without any problems on the same settings: wife and son … What could be the reason …?


  31. Hi Artem,

    fine work of art – my daughter (10 y old) is suffering from diabetes and we’re happy to give her support and security by controlling her bloodsugar just at the wirst.

    We have bought her an Amazfit GTS 2 mini an the installation process on our Galaxy S10 has worked really fine. Authentification succeded and for some hours everything worked fine. After a while nevertheless the watch looses connection to the smartwatch an after that it claims authentification error. We redid the whole installation process several times (patched zepp, …, original zepp) – it is always the same. It works for some hours and the – during the night – or so it looses connection and cannot reconnect.

    Any ideas on that?

    Thx Sascha


    1. Hi. I have also seen this – with a Galaxy A31 and Bip watch – and usually turning the Watchdrip ‘Enable service’ off and on again will work, if not, try turning bluetooth off and on. I think I also remember deleting the Auth Key in Watchdrip after an authentication error – then the (same) key was reloaded automatically and the error was gone! Good luck. This is such a valuable project.


    2. another tip, if you are not sure if your phone is in reach of Amazfit GTS 2 mini you can press an hold the push button on your GTS 2 mini for about 5 seconds which will result in alarm on your phone (if it is in reach)👍


  32. What I would do:
    – check that play protect is deactivated
    – check that there is no batteryoptimation for
    bluetooth, xDrip, watchdrip…
    – make sure that watch is close to the phone so it do not disconnect.
    I found out when phone and watch are separated for a longer time/ hours connection gets lost. After make a newstart on the phone esablish the connection bay itself.
    Good luck


    1. another tip, if you are not sure if your phone is in reach of Amazfit GTS 2 mini you can press an hold the push button on your GTS 2 mini for about 5 seconds which will result in alarm on your phone (if it is in reach)👍


  33. Ich nutze miband 6 mit fl2 und dann watchdrip. Funktioniert mit xdrip einwandfrei.
    Ich bekomme keine Benachrichtigungen wie zum Beispiel von WhatsApp.
    Ist watchdrip ausgeschaltet klappt das. Es ist wirklich seltsam. Aber ich bekomme beides einfach nicht zum laufen.
    Kann jemand helfen??


  34. HI all.
    Sorry to annoy repeating my question, but I hope someone will help me.
    I’m using the Feb 2022 modified xdrip on Amazfit GTS2 mini, perfectly working.
    Now I see tha I can finally use the latest xdrip nightly instead.
    Question: have I to start all the procedure with only the change shown in:
    “2. xDrip+ configurationUpd. 10.07.2022” ,
    or can I only uninstall the old modified xdrip and install the official nightly, that’s all?
    Someone, please?
    Thanks a lot.
    Andrea ;.)


    1. Andrea, first you should export your data and configuration in xDrip so you dont loose it.
      You have to deinstal the old modified xDrip version because you can not update it with the xDrip nightly.
      Than download and instal xDrip nightly and import configuration and data (that you have saved before).
      Instal watchdrip and go on like it is descibed by arthem.
      Good luck🍀


  35. Can somebody please tell me: when you have an alarm from xdrip and your watch set with watchdrip+, does it vibrate three times like the phone does?
    Also, can you switch between the watchdrip+ watchface and other watchfaces and back again like with any other watchface, or does it have to always be set on?


    1. Yes, the watch vibrates 3 times when e.g. you have low glucose. You can snooze it or stop it on the watch. Besides this In Zapp AP you can choose how strong the vibration should be….just week, middle or strong vibration.
      You can change watchface to any other originale but after 5 min. when watchdrip watchface ist send it will stay on the watchdrip watchface….so it does not make so much sense.
      I read, creating another (own) watchface for watchdrip is possible but I think the original watchdrip watchfache ist perfect…I have all what I need (time, date,battery,steps….and everything that is important for diabetes control).🙂


        1. Yes it works the same with miband 5 and 6.
          In order to get the Auth key you have to use patched Mifit AP for Miband 5/6 and for
          Amazfit GTS 2 Mini you need patched zepp AP.
          I like Amazfit GTS Mini the better because numbers and graph is bigger and button for “snoze alarm/stop alarm” is easy to push.
          Besides this it can show clock, date and steps in low power screen and swiches every 5 min. to show CGM by itself.
          I also like the manual button on the side of the watch…if I want to see CGM I can push it for a short time….if I push it long time the watch creates an alarm on the phone so you can find you phone easy if displaced👍


  36. Hi Artem, I hope you are doing well!
    I’m using Watchdrip with a Miband 6 and I’d like to customize the watchface; I have read the documentation but it’s not very clear to me.

    in the “xdrip” folder on my phone I see only the “canvas.png” and “watchface.bin” files, so I assume that I need to add the “config.json” file only if I want to override the default settings (let’s say that I only want to change the font size). Am I right?
    If so, where can I find the original “config.json” for Miband 6? I assume that every band has a different configuration.
    After editing the “config.json”, do I need to compile the watchface again?


  37. I have been discovering xdrip+ for a few weeks and the application is great.
    Having your blood sugar on my mobile display is great!! Thank you very much for your work
    I recently acquired a blackview watch (R7 pro) which is not WearOS/MIBand. I tried your app but my watch is not reconize
    It requires H band software to send or receive information from my phone (BVA 6300)
    the problem is that the information does not come back correctly from xdrip+ I have this on my watch
    10/12 15:00
    xx:Delta: -1mg/dl

    I tested the alerts under xdrip+ and all the characters of the alerts are displayed correctly on my watch, as well as the blood sugar level which is absent on the other shipments.

    Data source limiter
    H-Band version 8.4.5

    Could you help me ?


  38. Hi everyone … Has it happened to some of you that all the values work badly and do not synchronize on the smartwach? With Crusta Cristian we tried them all … but nothing doesn’t start …


  39. Hi Artem,
    I probably found a bug in Watchdrip: every night between 2 am and 6 am the backlight of my watch is not working and the settings on the watch are not available. It cannot be used during this time because you cannot read anything in the dark. The problem occurs with both my Bip S and my Bip S lite even if I disable Night Mode in Watchdrip or disconnect the Watchdrip service. If the watch has never been connected to Watchdrip, the backlight will work all night.


  40. Hi Artem,

    Thanks for all your work!

    There are couple issues that I encounter with my setup (xdrip, watchdrip+, Miband 5).

    1) The app data keeps growing crazily over time… it had just reached over 500 MB when I first checked that yesterday, after using the app for over a month and a half. I had to delete the data (through settings menu) and it came down to 18 MB and it is slowly growing back I think 🙂

    2) The app freezes frequently which causes a pop-up which needs to be dismissed before doing anything else on the phone. The pop-up choices are a) kill app and b) wait

    I haven’t seen others reporting these issues above however, which is weird…



      1. Hi Artem,

        Both issues are with Watchdrip+ and I forgot to mention a third issue…

        3) While running, watchdrip quickly hogs a lot of RAM in the processes list… It uses the most of any app (200+ MB) quickly arriving to the top even after restarting the process (80 and then over 200 MB)….

        I sent you the logs via the app last night, but that was already 1 day after clearing all the data via Android settings, so unsure that’s going to be helpful.

        It probably doesn’t help but I I added screenshots of all three issues in the folder below…

        1) app data in Android Settings before and after clearing it and 24 hours and 36 hours after clearing it. The amt of data keeps increasing over time.

        2)screenshots of the pop-up…

        3) processes manager where Watchdrip is at the top and keeps increasing even after process restart



        1. Also, regarding the third issue…

          I just looked now at process manager and Watchdrip behaves much better after clearing the data abt 36 h. ago, it no longer hogs that much RAM!

          I added an additional screenshot (only 14 MB usage, at the bottom of the processes list) this time around…


  41. Artem, happy user of the new Pixel 7. XDrip+ and AAPS are working, however, the WatchDrip+ app does not work, I think it must be because the newest android supports only 64bit builds. Could you please have a look at it?


  42. By using the Bip, is a battery life of only 7 days normal?
    Anyone removed the blinking dots from the watchface to spare battery?


      1. I’ve tried to open the .bin file of the custom simplified watchface with the amazfitbiptools without success. So i cannot edit that watchface.


  43. Hi
    Found this recently and it’s brilliant
    My wife has the new Amazfit Band 7 and she is the Diabetic – any chance you are working on this?
    Works perfectly on my Miband 6


      1. Thanks, spotted the other questions after commenting. The page format didn’t lend to reading easily but I should have done a word search!


  44. Hi Artem,
    I have been using Watchdrip with the latest NS nightly on both miband 5 and 6.
    The watchface however will only update when the watchdrip screen is open and running (or if I click the green manual refresh button)

    It takes almost 40secs for the watchface to upload on each device.
    I’ve checked all the permission/battery optim/security settings on each phone (Jellyphone Pro2) and have disabled them.

    My questions-
    1) How can I get watchdrip to keep transmitting when phone is on xdrip page?
    2) How can I get watchdrip to upload watchface more quickly(if at all)?

    All apps are the most up to date versions
    Thanks for your help 🙂


  45. Unfortunately, the app hangs and doesn’t refresh. Manual refresh works, but it’s probably not about manual refreshing all the time. My Samsung S8 phone. A few readings on mi band5 and it hangs in a circle anyway. However, I will probably return to xdrip especially for band 5. It’s a pity because the idea is cool, but for me it does not work on this phone.


  46. Hello Artem, I now own five watches (Bip, 2x Bip S, 2x Bip S lite). It would be useful if it were possible to store the combination of MAC address, key and a name in Watchdrip. Then you can simply select the active clock via a dropdown menu.


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