Future of the xdrip miband project

I’ve decided to improve miband integration, and change the method which was used to represent glucose data for MiBand4. Instead of the date modifying and using a custom watchface which interpreter a custom date format in correct way, i will generate entire watchface with a dynamic background and upload this watchface to the band. By using this method, all the disadvantages of changing the date on the watch will disappear, and your watch will be fully functional. So it would be possible to use it with any program, and all band features like weather, music control, fitness progress, and more would work.

In addition, this method allowing to display any data on the watch screen.

Upd. 29.01.2020

I’ve finished a new xdrip version . Would be grateful if someone can help to test it on different miband versions.

If this version would be stable, i’ll create a pull request for the official Xdrip apk version. So there would be a chance this patch would be added to the official aplication.

Upd. 29.04.2020

Great news! The pull request was recently approved and merged into official xdrip application. At the moment it is available in the latest nightly build xdrip version which can be downloaded from the following URL https://github.com/NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/releases

New watchface legend

Since v0.2.3 it is outdated watchface view

Real view on miband4 and v0.2.4 with enabled graph and bolus

Configuration tutorial by steps for v 0.2.x and 0.3.x

1. Obtaining auth key

If you want to use xdrip with Mi Band4, Mi Band5 or Amazfit Band5, you need to get Mi Band Auth key (for MiBand2 and Miband3 devices, you can skip this step). The Auth key can be obtained with these simple steps (was copied from https://www.freemyband.com/ )

  1. Unpair band from the existing official app
  2. Uninstall official app
  3. 1. For MiBands. Download and install the modified Mi Fit application
  4. 2. For Amazfit. Download and install the modified Zepp application
  5. Login into the Mi Fit(or Zepp in case of Amazfit) with your email account
  6. Pair the band
  7. Enable band visibility in the MiFit(or Zepp) settings.
  8. Now you can uninstall modified Mi Fit (or Zepp) application and install official application or any other APK you like to use together with MiBand. If you would use official Mi Fit(or Zepp) application, you would need to Login into the Mi Fit(or Zepp) with the email which was used with patched application.
  9. Finished! You can find your Auth key on /sdcard/freemyband folder of your phone


1. If you reset (MAC address of band change) or unpaired your band, the Auth key need to be calculated again. The miband will change the MAC address, so you should change mac and auth key in xdrip(for auto search you can clear mac address and auth key fields)
2. The modded mifit apk is compatible with any firmware version installed on your band
3. You can do this procedure with any phone (if your phone doesn’t allow install apk outside Play Store, you can ask your friend to obtain this auth code for you)

2. xdrip configuration. Connecting to miband

  1. If you have original xdrip application installed on your phone, you would need to delete it. To save all your existent settings and glucose history, you can export your current database into file. To do this, click to the 3 dots on the main xdrip screen, select Import/export feature -> export database.
  2. Install latest patched xdrip from this link xdrip-miband. If you had a database backup, you can restore it by using export/import feature mentioned earlier.
  3. If you skipped “Obtaining auth key” phase (only for miband 2 and 3), go to MiFit settings, and enable band visibility.
  4. Place miband near the phone.
  5. Go to xdrip Settings -> Smart watch features -> MiBand and enable option “Use MiBand”.
  6. Normally miband should be automatically found, and you will see a notification with your model name. If this happen, you can skip next step.
  7. If it wasn’t found automatically, make sure the band visibility option was enabled in MiFit, then disable “Use MiBand” option and repeat step three. You can also enter the mac addres manually (in this case, there no need for visibility option enabled).
  8. Now the miband should be connected, but it is required authentification. On MiBand2 and MiBand3, you should approve authentification by touching the miband button. For MiBand4, MiBand5 or Amazfit Band5 you don’t need to do anything. Normally auth key should be automatically extracted from the file /sdcard/freemyband which was generated by patched Mi Fit(or Zepp) application. But if it was not generated, you should manually enter the key in “Auth key” field and retry everything from step 4.
  9. Finally, you should see the message that your device was successfully authenticated.

3. xdrip configuration. General settings and installing glucose watchface

3.1. Configuration for MiBand4, MiBand5 or Amazfit Band5

Upd (30.12.20 )The “BG readings as notification” was removed in Ver 0.3.2 (09.09.2020) So now For MiBand2 and 3, the readings would be sent as notification. For MiBand4,5 and Amazfit Band5 would be used watchface uploading.

If you use a MiBand4, you can receive a glucose readings in two ways

  1. In standard miband way by using the text notifications
  2. Displaying glucose values on the main band screen with help of dynamical custom watchface..
  1. When use a text notification, xdrip would send a message to the miband after every glucose reading.
  2. When use a “dynamical custom watchface” the xdrip will generate a new watchface after every reading and will send this watchface to the miband. This option available only for MiBand4. All miband features would work as before. The watchface with required measurement units (mmol or mg/dl ) would be automatically installed. It would use the units from the general xdrip settings.

The option “BG readings as notification” in MiBand settings allow to controll the way you prefer to receive glucose values. When it is enable , you would receive notifications after every glucose readings. And when it is disabled, this fancy “dynamical custom watchface” would be used.

You can also enable option Send alarms to receive glucose low/hight alerts. If you enable this option, you would get bg alerts as a phone call. Instead of the caller number, you would see an alarm text with the current glucose value. During alarm notification, it is possible to push on the ignore button on you band to skip alarm or push on hangup button to snooze alert. The low/high alarms can be configured directly in xdrip general settings

It is also possible to enable night mode feature (in miband screens/ features menu) This feature allow to decrease glucose synchronization interval by specifying interval value and mode start/end time. This mode allow to improve miband battery life by reducing synchronization frequency.

Since v 0.2.4 it is possible to display bolus on the band (if this information present in xdrip). The bolus data can be displayed only when graph option enabled.

Finally to send reading to the see miband you should enable “Send reading” option


1. Keep your watch nearby with your phone, while phone transmitting data (actually the real BlueTooth connection distance can be even up to 50 meters 🙂 ) If your band will lost connection with the phone while transmitting watchface, it will automatically will use default watchface. This watchface would be replaced again after connection would be established
2. Take a note to the bluetooth connection status and last synchronization date to make sure you see not outdated data. Always remember to
3. The band will not accept a new watcface if battery level is less then 10%. In this case the band will automatically switch to notification mode.

3.2. Configuration for MiBand2 and 3

The only possible way to receive bg values on these band versions is to receive them as a text notification. Such notification would be sent to miband after every reading.

Xdrip miband integration apk changelog

If you like this project and want to thank an author for work done or want to support further development of features, become a sponsor on Patreon

If you have some advices regarding features that you want to see, or want to see similar feature on some specific band type, please write them in the comment of the donation form.

The latest version which support MiBand5 can be found here

Ver (15.03.2020)

  • Fixed App Crash at the settings screen on the first run.

Ver 0.2.4 (10.03.2020)

  • New. Added option to display bolus (when enabled graph)
  • Fixed issue with when BG numbers were displayed without infill
  • For better readability, BG number size was slightly increased
  • Added bg prediction line on the graph (would display 30 minutes prediction line)

At this moment, most of the issues were fixed, and i added many new features so I hope this would be the latest version 🙂 I have plans to merge it into the official xdrip build (if it would be accepted)

Ver 0.2.3 (23.02.2020)

  • New. Added option to disable graph on watch
  • New. Added a new watchface without graph (would be used when disabled graph)
  • New. Added option to collect heart rate data from miband. Update interval can be configured in MiFit or any thirdparty application. To see heart rate data in xdrip, the options “Use Health Data” and “Heart Rate sensor” which is located in Settings -> Smartwarch Features -> Smart watch sensors, should be enabled.
  • Improvement. Updated graph watchface view
  • Fixed. Authorisation issue on some miband 4 devices
  • Syncronized with official xdrip version

Added a new options which are available only when enabled engineering mode https://github.com/NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/wiki/Engineering-Mode

  • New. Added option which allow to disable hight MTU (when enabled, can fix watchface sync issues which may happen on some phones, but the watchface uploading would take much more time)
  • New. Added possibility to install custom watchface. The custom watchface files ‘my_watchface.bin’ and ‘my_image.png’ should be placed into into ‘xdrip’ folder on your phone. “my_watchface.bin” is a normal watchface and my_image.png is a watchface background image. The background image shouldn’t have more than 128 colors. For faster delivery and longer battery life, the wathcface size should be as small as possible.
  • New. Added offset option for custom watchface (defines offset between top of the background image and xdrip generated data)

Ver 0.2.2 (09.02.2020)

  • Improvement. Added BG update interval in night mode.
  • Improvement. UI improvements on the band settings screen.
  • Syncronized with official xdrip version

Ver (03.02.2020)

  • Watchface. Fixed HR value when no data available.
  • Watchface. Increased font size for delta and bg date.
  • Fix in watchface generation algorithm which should fix “black” watchfaces reported by some users.
  • Fix. Requesting higher MTU size and use the size negotiated by Bluetooth protocol. (should fix watchface synchronization issue).
  • Improvement. BG alarms now work as call. On MiBand 3 and 4 the ignore button will delay alarm, and hangup will snooze alert.
  • Improvement. Authentification for miband2 and 3 (no need to approve auth after disconnection).
  • Improvement. Decrease brightness when uploading watchface. This can significantly improve band battery life. Also makes watchface update to be not so noticeable to people around.
  • Improvement. Added night mode settings.
  • Resend BG as notification if watchface cannot be installed when the battery level is less than 10%

Ver (29.01.2020)

  • Quick-fix to fix a empty watchscreen and small styling issues

Ver 0.2.0 (29.01.2020)

  • New algorithm to represent glucose data, which use a dynamic watchface with a custom background. This allows using all miband features. (only for MiBand4)
  • Like in previous versions, MiBand 2 and 3 can receive bg values as a notifications.

286 thoughts on “Future of the xdrip miband project

  1. Big Thanks! Great budget solution for poor people like me, and its look cool too 🙂
    Works great with huawei mate 20lite+latest xdrip nightly+mi band 4


  2. hello, I would like to point out that the last version of 15/03/2020 still poses some synchronization problems, I had to uninstall xdrip and redo everything from the start, so I am wondering about the possibility of a new update integrating the new features of the current official version, thank you very much
    PS:on the installed version of the xdrip of 3/15/2020 or those before I cannot display the heart rate as for the number of steps, it is displayed but remains at zero.


  3. Works very good. One issue: With the current xdrip nightly from 20200419 working on a xdrip sync follower phone I get no indication when the master phone dont get new readings. Is this a know issue?


      1. Buenos dias maestro desde España.
        Resulta que hemos seguido todos los pasos de su tutorial con la ultima versión de xdrip. Pero no nos aparece la esfera de glucosa en myband4.
        Nos llegan las alarmas de xdrip, si tenemos activada la casilla de “Bg reading” nos llegan las notificaciones cada 5 minutos pero si desactivamos “Bg reading ” no nos aparece la esfera.
        En estado del sistema my band de xdrip nos aparece conectado y autentificado.
        Qué estamos haciendo mal?


      2. Hi, you did gret job. Could be time for not recieved data edjusted for less then 30 min?
        Is there an option for always screen on? I would prefer.
        And the last one 🙂 Could there be shown minutes ago as Xdrip instead of the time?
        You know I am talking about six years old son to use it. He´s been having sony3 since that time


  4. Obviously I missed that this was merged into the official xDrip+ Nightlies?
    Just installed 2010-04-19 and found the MiBand settings in there and worked on my new OnePlus 8 Pro.

    Can you please update your blog here?


  5. Hi, I’ve performed every single step in your documentation. Xdrip tell me that the Mii Band was successfully authenticated. But unfortunately it will not send any watchface to the Miiband itself. (push notification are deactivated).
    Xdrip version 20200419.


    1. Could you please try to disable night mode feature in the xdrip settings, also disable “show bolus”, “allow to use custom watchface” and “bg readings as notification” options. And finally make sure you have enabled “send readings” option. If this does not help, try to enable “Disable hight MTU value” option under experimental section.


  6. Had some trouble setting this up but it’s running. thanks alot.
    Setup: xdrip nightly 20200419, mi Band FW, Mi Fit App frozen

    How does it work having xdrip and any third Party app (eg Mi Fit, Notify&Fitness) at the same time? When I had them both active watchfaces with BG from xdrip did not work.
    But I would like to continue to use especially N&F for other purposes.
    Is it possible just to have xdrip send the watchface and to use N&F for notifications, pulse etc.?


    1. Works perfectly with any third party applications. Personally i use xdrip + notify & fitness for miband. But there no difference which apk to use. You just should use the apk key which was generated in patched mifit (if thirdpatrty application allows to enter it manually). If you use original mifit apk, just make sure you not unpaired you band when authorisation key was generated in the patched mifit and you use the same login account which was used when you paired your band in patched mifit


      1. It works. Again 🙂
        I really had some trouble. On the first run it worked out of the box. I tried a few things here and there and suddenly watchfaces failed to update. I tried resetting everything, re-Installing all the apps, but still xdrip failed to update the watchfaces. I didnt count how often i reset the whole setup until trying the “disable high mtu value” option. Now it is working again. Strange tho, cause i worked without this option at the beginning.
        But I’m happy now 🙂
        Hope the new watchface will soon be integrated in xdrip nightly.



  7. Works stable on my Motorola One with Android 10. But trying a China android phone running Android 8.1 I get no watchfaces uploaded to the band. Google Play Sevices isnt running. Do I need Wear OS installed?


  8. Really great that your Band integration would be merged.

    Can you tell me what I need to do to switch to the nightly? Do I need to deinstalled your version or can I install the nightly over it?

    THX for your help 🙂


    1. Yes, just reinstall application. Do not forget to make a database and settings backups before deinstallation. In this case you can easily restore all your settings and data on the nightly build apk version.


      1. OK cool thx and can I do this in an active session or would It better to wait til I switch to a new sensor?


  9. Guten Tag,
    Leider bekomme ich die xdrip Kurve nicht auf die Uhr. Kann sich jemand von euch mit mir in Kontakt setzen? Ich bin leider etwas am verzweifeln. Ich habe mich an die Anleitung gehalten. Bekomme es aber nicht hin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So you see the current glucose value on the band, but do not see the graph? If yes, please make sure you have enabled checkbox “Enable graph” in xdrip miband settings


  10. Hi @bigdigital,

    Thanks for the work, I really appreciate!
    So i have the newest nightly and xdrip+ works pergectly on my Miband 4 (really easy installation, thanks!)

    So in Xdrip i see, that there is also a beta, for a custom watchface.
    Do you have any hint how to “modify” your watchface? And where to copy it (I just find the xdrip export folder on my mobilephone).
    What i want to do is to change the Background (from black to a picture), add the heart rate (like you have it in an older version, but still show the battery percent) and to change the date style from US/UK to European (German) 🙂


    1. Hey Markus,
      i would love to only change the date to european [German 😉 ] style. Could you provide such a watch face or give a short introduction on how to change the existing watchface?


      1. Hi twinko,

        I’ve no idea, I think due to different copyright aspects, I’m not allowed to upload my watchface. Even if, it will make no sense, since I included personal pictures of me 😉

        Nevertheless, how I did it:
        I downloaded a tool called “WF-Builder1.0.4” It took me some hours to really get used to it in detail. To do it perfectly, you should also be able to do picture editing.
        The steps i had to do:
        – 1. create a Background image (png file, exactly 120×240 pixel, the lower area below 160px should be black, to show xdrip data better, create directly dots for the date in the picture)
        – 2. Open the WF-Builder and choose your picture
        – 3. add all the data you want to a position where you want it, you can modify all the symbols, numbers and letters like you want it. I also changed the day from “MON, TUE, WED,…..” to “MO, DI, MI, …)
        – 4. Save the files
        – 5. Copy it to your xdrip folder
        – 6. Allow the custom watchface option in Xdrip

        What I’ve in my watchface:
        – BT Status
        – Day
        – Date
        – Time (24 h format)
        – Heart Rate
        – Steps
        – Remaining Battery

        And of course the xdrip stuff
        Is it possible to write direct messages here?
        Then I can send you an example watchface with a neutral picture. So it would be easier for you to edit 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. HEy MArkus,

          thank you for the tutorial, im happy with the acutual watchface, just want to change the date to dd/mm and Weeknames to German ones. Perhaps make steps and battery a little bit bigger. But I want to keep the graph. I will try myself, perhaps im able to import the default watchface from bigdigital, edit it and perhaps he will provide it here. Perhaps you can get in contact with him as well.


          1. Hey twinko,

            yeah, I also kept the xdrip graph, but I did a picture behind the other values (time, date, etc.
            Thinka about, that with the watchface maker, all numbers are saved as a png file. So if you want bigger symbols or bigger numbers, you just need to ^make the png pixel size bigger.Or easier: creat a blank png file, and write the numbers as text and save it as a picture. So you can also choose the font type.
            Just write me, if you need any help or assistance. (also in german if its easier for you).
            In general I think you can not (so I don’t know how), export the actual xdrip watchface.

            Are you also twinko on Github?


          2. Hey Guys,

            first of all, sorry, i couldnt reply directly to your answers! Thank you already!
            Will the next update change the date format for the Miband4 aswell or only band 5? And is this change included in the mibdand5 release? if yes, than i will invest some more time changing the watchface by myself. I saw your comment, that it will take some time to accomplish support for band 5. That’s totaly fine, dont get me wrong!
            Could you tell me which font u used to create the text images for the watchface? I would provide the new watchface as soon as its done, so everybody can benefit (2 versions: one with german Weekdays, one with Englisch ones).

            Btw now i noticed, i never asked: is it ok if i use your watchface as a blueprint/template? I think it’s simple, fast and has a good overview, 99% perfect 🙂

            Yes i’m the twinko at github aswell. Feel free to text me 🙂
            Would be great if you could share the images for Mo,Di, Mi etc.if you used the same font.

            I was tinkering around with the watchface. I already accomplished the following:
            1. extract original watchface from bigdigitals app
            2. Raised the size of the steps and battery (just took the numbers from date 😉 )
            3. switched to dd/mm
            Only thing missing is the “/” or a “.” between the date, will have to edit the background image for that :/ But shouldnt be a big problem.

            Created a repo, so we dont flood bigdigitals comment section 🙂 We can use the issue section to talk https://github.com/twinko/Band5-WF-Xdrip/issues I know, not ideal, but havent had the time to think about a better solution 😀


        2. Saludos desde España.
          Me encantaría poder cambiar el fondo negro de mi esfera de reloj en myband4, pero mis conocimientos de informática son muy básicos. Habría alguna forma de encontrar cómo hacerlo? El proceso que usted ha descrito se debe hacer en el ordenador y después pasarlo al móvil? Gracias por su trabajo


        3. Saludos desde España.
          En primer lugar, gracias por todo vuestro trabajo.
          Mis conocimientos de informática son muy básicos. Todo el proceso descrito por usted debe hacerse desde el ordenador y después pasarlo al móvil?
          Divulgo todos sus trabajos en España y hay muchas personas interesadas en cambiar el fondo negro de la esfera del reloj y de aumentar el tamaño de los números. Pueden ayudarme?


  11. Hi,
    Thanks for this awesome watchfaces for MiBand from xDrip ! … I have discover an issue on NIGHT MODE intervals: If it is set at “continuous readings” it works, but if you set reading intervals, let says at 10′ minutes, it doesn’t actuallize the MiBand glucose values every 10′ minutes as supposed, and as a consequence the alarms doesn’t works properly either. Cheers and THANKS, Alberto


  12. Good job. I have a problem. The brightness of the clock is set to 4. Often, shortly after synchronization, the brightness jumps to 1 when queried and only returns to 4 after a few seconds. The Xdrip version is the latest Nightly and the night mode is switched off.


    1. Hi, this is normal behaviour. During watcface uploading the miband firmware activates screen and keeps the screen on until update process would’nt be finished + 6 seconds after succesfull watchafece uploading. To improve battery life and make the uploading process not so noticeable for people around, the xdrip decreases brightness to minimum, and then, sets back it to the value defined in the settings.


  13. Thank you, now or maybe in the future there is the possibility to increase the brightness manually during synchronization Sometimes it takes a long time that the brightness is raised from 1 to 4 again.


  14. Sorry if I’m annoying you. I have installed or executed all Aps and settings as described. Unfortunately I get the xDrip Watchface and therefore no display on the clock. “BG readings as notifications” works however.

    Thank you very much for your work and for making it possible to use the MiBand 4. I have diabetes since 1966 and I am very happy about the many possibilities which are possible today. Also about the luxury of wearing the values on my wrist 🙂
    By the way: On my watch the folder “freemyband” is stored on the internal memory and not on the SD card.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


  15. Recently Xiaomi have announced the new my band 5. Will I can see the blood glucose in my band 5 the same as in my band 4? If so, will the installation process be the same? Thanks in advance.


    1. No, the xdrip will not work with new band 5 xiaomi version. At least for now. Even if they did not change the command protocols, the new mi band has a different screen size, which means that watchface from miband4 will not work here. To implement integration for the new miband, it would be required to reverse engineer and test new watch model and for this i would need to have this watch on my table. At the moment i not planing of switching from my miband 4 to miband 5. But when i collect enought funds from my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/xdrip_miband i will buy this watch and try to implement integration.


        1. I’ve almost collected the required funds to purchase Mi Band 5. For this, i want to thanks Lukas Petro,
          Alberto HD, Otto75so3e and Michalis Velonakis. Now just need to wait while miband 5 appears in local stores.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Hi, unfortunately no. There no legal way to receive payments via paypal in our country 😦 . But you can donate via Patreon service and after the first donation, you can unsubscribe. In this case you will donate only once.


          1. @bigdigital, no rush, just checking in to see if you were able to get your hands on the new Mi Band 5 yet? 🙂


  16. Thank you. This helps me a lot with managing my blood glucose. It’s a real improvement of my life. Installation was very easy in xdrip+ & freemyband.


    1. Glad you enjoyed this project. In the near future, I plan to spend the funds raised on Patreon platform to purchase the new miband 5 and apply such integration to the latest miband.


      1. Could you also start a Patreon campaign for the amazfit gts? I’ve been looking for a wachface for so long … Unfortunately I’m not adequately technical to do it myself. I would be very grateful to you!


  17. I have a similar Problem like Burkhart and Martin: Connection to MiBand works, I get glucose readings as a message. But I cannot get the watchface to work.
    I did:
    -disable “show bolus”,
    -“allow to use custom watchface”
    -“bg readings as notification”
    -enabled “send readings” option.
    -enable/disable “Disable hight MTU value” option under experimental section.

    Only “disable night mode feature in the xdrip settings” gives me problems, I cannot find it. Is that the reason it´s not working?
    Do you know if the android wear settings make a difference? Mine was turned on, turninhg it off does not help. I used a pebble before trying the MiBand, think I can use both?

    Thanks for all the great work!


    1. OK, if anyone else has this issue, i figured it out (for my setup). Somehow it worked after doing all the things mentioned above and then activating android wear under the watch setting in xdrip. But only after some time, then a popup from xdrip or android (can´t remember) asked if I wanted to activate it. After that it displayed the watchface correctly (and beautifully, I might add). Thank you!!!


  18. Hey, big thanks! Thats amazing. Im new to xdrip and will try your solution.
    Do you plan on adding support for the miband 5 aswell? It will be released on the 15th of July.


  19. Hi I have followed all of the instructions in setting up the watch. Notifications work but no matter what I try the dynamic watch face will not work. Checking the event log shows that the watch face generator is running with no errors being reported however the watch face does not update on the Mi band. I am using the latest nightly of xDrip and the Mi band is on the latest of firm ware, making other changes under the mi band screens/features options changes the setting on the mi band immediately. I am at a loss as to what to do, are you able to give me some guidance please.


    1. Hi, sorry for the delay. Could you please try to disable night mode feature in the xdrip settings, also disable “show bolus”, “allow to use custom watchface” and “bg readings as notification” options. If this does not help, try to enable “Disable hight MTU value” option under the experimental section.


  20. Awesome! I got an MiBand 5, expecting it to work with this but it didn’t. I didn’t manage to install the Free my Band app on my motorolaOne (android 10), it just doesn’t open the dowloaded app with an option to install, as it does with Xdrip. Installed the latest night build from Xdrip which doesn’t have the BG readings as notifications as an option. There’s anyway to help you to make this works on MiBand 5?


    1. Awesome! But I’m interested in help you coding, testing, whatever. Of course, if you want/need some help with it. And I’m signing as Patreon, so you can keep motivate to continue doing such great work. Thanks!


      1. Thanks. It would be great if you can help me with the future testing. For now, i still waiting when miband 5 appears in our country and trying to understand a new watchface format. By analysing available watchfaces here https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/mi-band-5/fresh I see it was changed. So need to reverse engineer it again. Also hope the communication protocol wasn’t seriously changed in comparison to the older models.


  21. Hey bigdigital,

    thank you so much for your work and time. I’ll buy a miband 4 tomorrow, due to the bad battery life and no real improvements of the miband 5 i decided to go for the band 4.
    Thank you so much for your work!!
    Did you ever thought about providing support for LiteOS? This would help to bring xdrip to, for example, the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e or Honor MagicWatch 2. I found these watches with there 14 day lifespan very interesting. Especially when WearOS watchs only last 2 days max.


  22. Thank you so much for your great work ! It will be so good 🙂

    I just can’t see on the watch the heart rate (despite choosing the option in the parameters) but i can see the steps. How can I do to have both ?
    On XDRIP I have neither heart rate nor number of steps
    how I can fix this.

    Thanks so much in advance !


    1. Could you please make sure You have enabled options “Use health data” and “heart rate sensors” in “Smart watch sensors” menu. Also the options “Collect HR”, should be enabled in the “Miband -> miband screen/features settings”. Please note that xdrip doesn’t send requests for the heart rate and steps data to the miband. It only listen the data which was transmitted from the miband. The miband will transmit heart rate info when you force pulse detection via band screen. Also you can configure mifit to request the heart rate info with some specific time intervals.


      1. Thank you for your answer 🙂

        Concerning the miband, I do not have the heart rate on the watchscreen but I have glycemia, steps, hours and date (mm/dd) same as this page’s third photo on your wrist
        I would like to have the same interface as your first photo
        => how can I correct it ? Is it another version to install ?

        Concerning Xdrip+, I followed your instructions by (updating to a recent nighlybuild with integrated miband menu and correct on it the 3 enabled options).
        Sadly it still doesn’t show the steps and the heart rate on xdrip+

        Thank you again for your great work !


  23. Hey,
    Will it work with the mi band 5? And if so, when will it happen?
    PS: Great work, i love my mi band 4 🙂


    1. Thanks. I’ve begun the code adaptation for new miband 5. For now, can’t say how much time this can take. I’m planning to spend last summer days far away from the computer, so approximately, first beta would be at the end of the October. Regards,


  24. Llevo 8 meses usando xdrip y myband4 y hasta hoy todo perfecto. Pero durante las últimas horas xdrip no envía la grafica a mifit.
    Sin embargo si envía notificaciones Bg y hace vibrar la pulsera

    He seguido todos pasos descritos por bigdigital pero no consigo recuperar la grafica en myband4.
    Tampoco funciona la opción de Update Bg manually.
    Saben cómo solucionarlo?
    Gracias por su trabajo


    1. Francisco,
      A mi me ocurre cada vez más. En mi experiencia, la solución es ésta: en los ajustes, desactivar la primera opción “Use MiBand Band”, borrar la Mac adress para que vuelva a buscar la pulsera, volver a activar “Use MiBand Band”; entonces vuelve a encuentrar la pulsera y pide autorización para emparejarla (mejor dejar activada la ubicación). Después de eso ya funciona la opción “Update BG manually” y también toda la configuración que tenia previamente.
      De todas formas, estoy pensando en borrar todo y volver a instalar porque esto me ocurré cada día y resulta engorroso.
      Espero que sirva la explicación.


  25. Hey, great post.

    Quick question: this doesn’t apply to an iPhone, right?

    When you say “install the moddified MiFit application Mi Fit mod apk”, you can’t do that on an iPhone. Or am I missing something?

    Thanks! 🙂


  26. Dear bigdigital, i installed the latest version of xdrip for miband like linked in this homepage. I’m using miband 4 and i made the steps like described. But till now i wasn’t able to get the system working. As source im using the patched App form Libre2. The watchface is simply not genarating. i disabled all the other smartwatch posibilities in Xdrip. Is it possible to make a Video walk through. Thank you best regards.



  27. Thank you so much for this! I bought a Mi Band 4 for myself over a year ago and just used the notifications to see my 6 year old daughter’s blood glucose. Today, I can hand this watch to her with a beautiful watchface to see her own numbers! I am so happy. You have made this mama’s day!!


  28. Quick question! Is there a way to change the time format from 24 hour to 12 hour? Or is the default 24 hr for the xdrip watchface? I love the watchface, but my 6 year old will be confused by the time in 24 hr format.


      1. Thank you! So my time setting was already set to 12 hour format. But by toggling to 24 hour and then back to 12 hour it seems to have fixed the issue. Hopefully, this info will also help others. Thanks so much for this wonderful watchface!


  29. We do not use xdrip but use nightscout to view dexcom data from the european dexcom servers. Is it posible to use dexcom data with the miband?


  30. Hallo, vielen vielen Dank. Endlich die richtige Lösung für mich. Ich nutze seit ca. 2 Monaten den MiaoMiao 2 für meinen libre2. Endlich habe ich auf meinem Atom L und Soyes xs mini xdrip ans laufen bekommen. Seit gestern habe ich das Amazfit Band 5 verbunden und bin nun endlich zufrieden. Ich bekomme permanent meine BZ Werte, brauch nicht mehr scannen. Danke, danke an die Entwickler.👍👍👍😊😊😊.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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