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New MiBand6 integration for xDrip

I’m glad to present a new Xiaomi MiBand6 (also known as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6) integration for xdrip. The new version is already available for people who supports this project on patreon and would be available after 8.11.2021 for everyone.

Xiaomi managed to pack in more features while keeping the price as low as it always was, which I think makes this band ideal for glucose monitoring.

The watchface uploading for this band takes 1-2 seconds, which allow offering up to 10 days of battery life with active life tracking features. And I think it can last much more with the power saver mode, but I’ve not tested this at the moment.

This time, MiBand6 brings SpO2 monitoring that helps to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels, which is more important than ever.

I like this watch and hope you will like it too 🙂

I want to thank everyone who supported developing this integration with suggestions and donations. 

Special thanks to Otto75so3e, mzst 123, Lukas Petro, István Ficsór, Felix Seidel, Aleandro Corallo, Gábor Vértényi, who supported me here almost from the beginning of this project

Dedicated thanks to Kichul Kim for the testing.

The configuration for MiBand6 is the same as for the previous versions. But at the moment it works only on the latest firmware. So before installing patched mifit, you should install official mifit and let update your band to the latest firmware version. 

Since MiBand6 firmware version, the MiBand developers has significantly changed the authentication mechanism. The new authentication can’t work stable if use MiBand6 with two different applications which share the same Bluetooth connection. So if you planning to use MiBand6 with MiFit or any alternative apk, you would need to downgrade device firmware below Please note, the oldest firmware does not support the NFC feature

Mi Band 6 downgrade firmware procedure

WARNING: This instruction is only for expert users. Doing something wrong may stop band connect with official app / phone.


  1. Ensure new firmware is fully installed correctly with official app (fw, res, font installed)
  2. Ensure you know which account you have used to login with official app (where Mi Band 6 is currently paired). If you don’t know, unpair band, hard reset band (from band settings menu), reinstall official app and create a new account to pair band. Your official app account will be required later. If you don’t know the correct account the entire procedure will fails and your band will stop working


  1. Install Notify app, pair the Mi Band 6 (“Mi Fit installed” status) and ensure the band is connected, then go on tools -> update firmware and choose the old version (the version below
  2. Use Notify app to install the old firmware only (you should see “connect to update” on band at the end). Do not try to install resources then.
  3. Uninstall the official app. Do not open it, and do not allow official app to force update the firmware again.
  4. Install an old MiFit app version and login using the same account. Suggestion: install apk from to get the authkey code too. Here i copied a links to the old app from freemyband website  Mi Fit 5.0.1 mod (Drive),  Mi Fit 5.0.1 mod (MEGA)  Mi Fit 5.0.1 mod (Zippyshare)
  5. Notice: by using the same account you will get the Mi Band 6 already paired. If you try use a different/wrong account, you will not be able get band working!
  6. If old official app version doesn’t complete the firmware update automatically, open Notify app again and complete the update by uploading the resources. Hint: press reconnect bluetooth button on main left menu if Notify is not connected after reinstalling official app.
  7. It’s done!

Xdrip integration apk changelog

If you like this project and want to thank an author for work done or want to support further development of features, become a sponsor on Patreon

If you have some advices regarding features that you want to see, or want to see similar feature on some specific band type, please write them in the comment of the donation form.

Ver 0.6.3(03.12.2021) This version contains the latest hotfix for the Dexcom followers issue from the official xdrip branch.

  • Fixed  reconnect issue on MiBand6
  • Merge with master xdrip branch (03.12.2021)

Ver 0.6.2 + Xdrip Carelink v0.6.2 (26.11.21)

  • Added phone battery status property in config.json
  • Added more options for lines display properties in config.json 
  • Fix. Attempt to fix reconnect issue on MiBand6 (in case if bt connection was lost)
  • Merge with master xdrip branch (26.11.21)

Ver 0.6.1(08.11.2021)

  • Added support of old authentication on MiBand6 firmware versions below
  • Improvement. Allow to style bg graph lines and axis via config.json file
  • Fix. Кemove carbs part from bolus line in order to fit insulin bolus into the one line (

Ver 0.6(29.10.2021)

  • Added Xiaomi MiBand6 support
  • Added “Graph Limit” option in miband graph settings, so it is possible to control graph scale
  • Improvement in watchface configurator.  Allow removing “graph” item from config.json, which is allowing creating custom watchfaces without graph
  • Improvement in watchface configurator .  Added  “rotate” option into position property in config.json so it’s now possible to rotate items
  • Synchronized with the latest official xdrip nightly build (28.10.2021)

48 thoughts on “New MiBand6 integration for xDrip

  1. Hi,

    I am eagerly waiting for the post to be unlocked. The said date has already passed. I also tried to become Patron but somehow my payment is not getting through. May I know when will it be unlocked?


  2. Hi guys. Appreciate your hard work. Once I have the watchface setup I tried to download the official app to connect but I can’t connect. At the moment I don’t have any notification such as text can I solve it?


  3. hello, thank you for new mi band 6 integration… currently i’m using xdrip v.0.6.1 with downgraded firmware and everything is fine with bt connection, notyfications ect. – what is prespective for integration with new firmware? i have band with NFC and i want to use it with my MasterCard Curve card – only with newest firmware 😦


    1. Cześć Bartek. Mógłbys mi pomóc w połączeniu miband 6 z xdripem? Nie wiem jak i na jaki zrobić downgrade opaski. Mam nowego xdripa, ale po wpisaniu mac adresu, na chwilę się łączy i jest brak autoryzacji, a zaraz nie jest nawet połączono.
      Jakbyś mógł odezwać się na messengerze: Łukasz Kesler


      1. There is no possibilities to add banking card in old MiFit versions (only China cards). If I added card at new firmware and mifit, and after that downgrade the firmware, then mi band restart when i choose card to payment… So two options: 1. xdrip+notyfications, 2. xdrip+nfc card at new firmware 😦

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t understand. Is there any option to get xdrip & NFC Mastercard running on the MIBand 6? This really is the only feature why I upgraded from the Band 5.


            1. Hi thanks for the answer. I played around a bit and indeed got it to work. Thank you so much!! One last question: Is it possible to customize the tiles showing on the screen (you can do this in the official mifit app, however it seems to have no effect when using xdrip). So for example when I swipe right from the basic screen, I want to access the NFC Card feature.


  4. Hello Artem.

    About this thread:

    Are you really going to create an stand-alone app providing MiBand xDrip integration?
    If yes, what is estimate time for the first release?
    I dont think my situation is unique: I already use a modified xDrip app and want MiBand support too.

    Me and my wife would be happy to become your patrons if you really going to create such an app.


  5. Hi, where can i find config.json file or watchface generator? When i copy watchface.bin from xdrip folder and load it “Mi.Band.WatchFace.Editor” it making watchface.json, and i dont see option to disable graph?


  6. Hello, I have installed version 0.6, however my notifications do not work on it (WhatsUp, SMS). They work on newer versions or there is a problem elsewhere? Thanks for your answer.


  7. Hi Artem,
    your xDrip mod works great with my Bip (0.6.3). Thank you very much. For all other things like settings, weather data and notification I use Gadgetbridge. Is there a way to use both apps side by side?
    When I pair the watch first in xDrip, connecting to Gadgetbridge will not be possible. The other way round it is possible to pair first with Gadgetbridge and then with xDrip (at least for the first time after installation). After some hours one of the connections got lost and never reconnect. It seems to me that there is a rat race between the two apps.

    Wouldn’t it be possible to handle all communication via Gadgetbridge? Maybe as an option? Then there would only have to be one connection to the device and you would have all functions (xdrip, notifications, weather, etc.) simultaneously.

    TinyWeatherForecastGermany ( for example, has such an option using Gadgetbridge for updating the weather on the device.


    1. I don’t understand if the version 0.6.3 are good also for mi band 5.

      בתאריך יום א׳, 9 בינו׳ 2022, 00:45, מאת Artem blog ‏:

      > atomphil commented: “Hi Artem, your xDrip mod works great with my Bip > (0.6.3). Thank you very much. For all other things like settings, weather > data and notification I use Gadgetbridge. Is there a way to use both apps > side by side? When I pair the watch first in xDrip, connec” >


  8. With my MiBand 5 (mifit version 5.6.0, latest xdrip for MiBand version) I have vibration after every new cgms value received. How can I disable this behavior?

    Also, exporting the xdrip database, editing it and reimporting it is not possible and leads to loss of the complete database. Can this be fixed?

    Thanks for the great work, anyway! 🙂


    1. Please make sure you have disabled an option “vibrate on reading” in xdrip miband settings. Regarding xdrip database, i can’t suggest anything because I’m not familiar with xdrip database format.


      1. Switching back to the previous xdrip version does not solve the problem. So the issue seems to be linked to the latest mi fit update


          1. Thanks, not sure if I’d like to do the downgrade though. 😉
            Are you planning to face this issue within one of your next updates?


              1. I found out that my problem ist linked to the “ongoing notification” channel. When I disable this notification in my Android settings MiBand stops vibrating on every new value. @bigdigital did you check with the ongoing notification enabled?
                When disabling these notifications XDrip icon in the smartphone status bar disappears, too, and consequently the lockscreen graph does. Thus, a loss in functionality for me.

                I’m running mifit app version 5.6.0.
                MiBand version
                Xdrip for MiBand version 0.7 (latest).
                Smartphone is Android12


                  1. Of course! That does work. Wohoo, thank you. 😀
                    Interesting though that before I had bad xdrip notifications enabled in mifit but have not received vibration for each new value. 🤷🏽‍♂️
                    Thank you anyway!


  9. Thanks for coming back.
    I think, the issue is related to the mifit app and its last update which I installed maybe one week ago.
    I’m running mifit app version 5.6.0.
    MiBand version
    Xdrip for MiBand version 0.7 (latest).


  10. Thank you for everything, I was able to follow the steps to downgrade Miband 6 and it works, connects to the freemyband version, but I just cant get Xdrip (06.03) to find the band at all – any advice at all what to do?


  11. Hello there!

    Thank you for your work. 🙂

    Do you believe xDrip will be usable with MiBand 6 without firmware downgrade at some point? We’re new to this whole xDrip story and can’t really figure it out through it all. We’re considering returning the miband 6 and get the miband 5, since seeing blood sugar values is why we bought it in the first place.


  12. Dear Artem, first of all thank you for your work.
    I’m currently using xdrip+ carelink paired with a miband 6 nfc and it works perfectly.
    I’m just wondering if it is possibile to exclude icons from the whatchface to make it “simpler”(i.e. excluding weather infos, or glucose graph).
    Thank you in advance,
    Best Regards


  13. hello, I already have a mi band 4 working with xdrip+. I’m about to buy a new one, I saw that the redmi band pro was recently launched, which some are calling mi band7. I would like to know if someone has already tested it and if it is compatible… thanks


  14. Hi, one question to MiBand6NFC. After downgrade procedure, can I install official Mi Fit/Zepp app or i have to using Mi Fit 5.0.1 mod ?


    1. I would be interested in this question too. The official Zepp app does not seem to work… Band is getting stuck trying to update the firmware. With the MiFit Mod i don’t get any sleep data…


  15. Hello,
    I understand that the lastest working fw version is
    Where can I download it?
    Moreover, the most recent changelog I could find on the web (just something I read here and there, but nothing “official”) is related just to that version, but there’s nothing related to the most recent ones… so, are there any relevant difference between and I’d like to test Watchdrip but I don’t want to incur in bugs of malfunctions 🙂


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