Future of the xdrip miband project

I’ve decided to improve miband integration, and change the method which was used to represent glucose data for MiBand4. Instead of the date modifying and using a custom watchface which interpreter a custom date format in correct way, i will generate entire watchface with a dynamic background and upload this watchface to the band. ByContinue reading “Future of the xdrip miband project”

Displaying blood glucose on Xiaomi MiBand fitness trackers

Upd. 29.1.2020 new xDrip version which allows using all MiBand4 features available here https://bigdigital.home.blog/2020/01/23/future-of-the-xdrip-miband-project/ Updates for the this xdrip version would be discontinued. Introduction The miband trackers it is a very good device for usual life tracking. There‚Äôs a lot to like in Xiaomi trackers. They are cheap and small. For about $40, you getContinue reading “Displaying blood glucose on Xiaomi MiBand fitness trackers”

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