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ZEPP OS devices support

For the last two months, I spend a lot of hours on Zepp devices architecture research. Probably this could take much less time if not for continuous air raid alerts and electricity blackouts ). But despite this, I finally can present the first watchdrip integration for ZEPP OS based devices. Since I bought the AmazfitContinue reading “ZEPP OS devices support”

Custom watchface config.json data structure

Main config.json object data structure Property name Property type Description info Info Default Described additional info about current watchface use_custom_arrows Boolean false If true , will use custom arrow images from /xdrip/arrows folder. The arrows folder should contain 7 images with the following names. DoubleDown, DoubleUp,Flat, FortyFiveDown, FortyFiveUp,SingleDown,SingleUpIf false or not specified, the embedded arrowsContinue reading “Custom watchface config.json data structure”

WatchDrip+ a new application for xDrip watch integration

In order to provide more flexibility  and improve continious updates for official xDrip app and MiBand(Amazfit) devices, i decided to separate watch integration and xDrip into two separate applications which would communicate with each other. The work on this idea was started at the beggining of 2022 year, and when it was almost done forContinue reading “WatchDrip+ a new application for xDrip watch integration”