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A new supported device, Amazfit GTS2 Mini

 During the Christmas and New Year holidays, I worked on integrating xDrip with the Amazfit GTS2 Mini clock. And finally, it is ready and I am happy to provide an updated version of the xdrip with Amazfit GTS2 Mini support. 

   Though a little late with congratulations, I wish you happiness, good health, and well-being from the bottom of my heart! Thank you all for your support.

   Actually, the first attempts of integration for this watch were started at the beginning of the autumn, but it was interrupted because this watch had a  vibration  after the watch face uploading. But before the New Year holidays, I was informed that there no such vibration anymore. So I decided to buy this watch to finish the integration. According to my test, indeed there is no vibration in most cases, but sometimes it still can happen ( in my case this is an almost unnoticeable very slight vibration) .  One of my subscribers has contacted amazfit support and it seems in the future version of firmware updates the amazfit  developers will add the option to disable system vibration like it was made in GTR2/GTS2 watches.

   The watchface uploading in my case takes 2-3 seconds if the watch is near the phone. But it can be much longer if your phone is located at 10-15 meters from the watch. In general, it looks like the Bluetooth connection is very weak on this watch especially if compare with mibands.  The watch loose bt connection if my phone 20-25 meters away. With mibands i had a stable connection up to 60 meters. 

   At the moment, I can’t say about the battery life, since the beginning of work with the clock, they have not yet been discharged. 02.01.2022 the watch was charged to 100% and now, 13.01.2022 there are still 47% battery left.

upd. 22.01.2022 the battery was discharged to 10% (the level when watch stops receiving watcface). So with normal watch usage the autonomous time is 20 days

   The watchface configuration remains unchanged and the same as for other Amazfit devices. The only addition is you should make sure there are no custom watchface installed on your watch so xDrip could upload own custom watchface. You can check and delete the custom watchface directly in the watch interface. Simply go to Settings -> Watchface menu and delete watchfaces by touching the trash bin icon. 

Note every xdrip update contains support of all devices were added before.

xDrip integration apk changelog

Ver 0.7(13.01.2022)

  • Added Amazfit GTS2 Mini support 
  • Improvement  Restore ringer mode if was clicked call ignore button during xdrip alarm on the watch because mifit will set silence mode and won’t restore it
  • Synched with the latest xdrip 13.01.2022

31 thoughts on “A new supported device, Amazfit GTS2 Mini

    1. Now I have succesfully connected the App with the watch.
      How can I get a qatchface for the GTS2Mini? Are thre any faces to download?


  1. Hello Artem,
    when night mode is active in xdrip 0.7, the backlight on my Bip S (fw is off. On the one hand, this is good, since the watch face updates take place without lights, on the other hand, you can’t see anything on the watch in the dark without lighting. Bip S brightness control does not work with active night mode. It only works again after the night mode is deactivated or the clock has been restarted.
    Would it be possible to disable the lighting, upload the WF and then enable the lighting again? So that the upload takes place without light, but you can turn on the light with the button if necessary?


  2. Deseo que tú y tu familia os encontréis bien y a salvo.
    Una verdadera pena lo que está haciendo el “señor” Putin con todo vuestro país.
    Ánimo, apoyo y fuerza compañero


  3. Hi all.
    I have an Amazfit GTS2 mini, and I’m trying to use it with xDrip+, but I’m wrong somewhere, so I pray you to giver me a help.
    I follow the sequence as given here:

    AA- Save xDrip+ data and settings
    BB- Delete xDrip+
    (I added these two operatiions even if not given, but I supposed they should be done here)….

    01- Unpair band from the existing official ZEPP app
    CC- Delete official ZEPP data (same as before)

    02-Uninstall official ZEPP app
    03- For Amazfit download and install the modified ZEPP application
    04- Login into Zepp with your email account
    05- Pair the band with QR Code
    06- Enable band visibility in ZEPP settings. If you don’t have this option, make sure you have set
    your age in the account to be over 18 years old.
    07- Now you can uninstall modified ZEPP application and install official application. If you would use official ZEPP application,
    08- install ZEPP and Login into with the email which was used with the patched application.
    09- Finished! You can find your Auth key on /sdcard/freemyband folder of your phone

    DD- Install modded xDrip+ (xdrip-miband_0.7.apk) (same as before)

    Where should I use the Auth Key, in xDrip? Using my sequence I don’t find Amazfit in xDrip’s “System status”.
    What are the right operations to be performed, and their sequence?

    Can someoner add missing actions in this list, and delete useless ones, please?
    I’m desperate!
    Thasnk you very, very, very much. Andrea 🙂


  4. Hi. I think I found where I was missing a step ((but the instructions, did too!) .
    After last DD step (modded xDrip+ installation), I went to “xDrip+ Settings”/”Smartwatch options”/ and, instead of checking, as I did first time, “Amazfit Synchronization Service”, I tried “Miband”, checking and correcting the “MAC address (no need to modify “Auth Code”, it was set automatically).
    And now, thanks to Artem, I’m the happy owner of a GTS2 mini that gives me all the info I need.
    Anyway I think that lhe info in this page:
    should be corrected accordingly.


    1. Hello, i;m glad you figured it out. Regarding the tutorial, in the tutorial you can read the following instruction “Go to xdrip Settings -> Smart watch features -> MiBand and enable option “Use MiBand”.” It seems you skipped this step.


    2. Danke für die Hinweise.
      Ich habe mir die GTS2 mini gekauft.
      Hoffentlich alles richtig gemacht.
      Bei whatdrip+ wird mir im Status “Authorization failde,sleep” angezeigt.
      Ich habe aber die richtige MAC Adresse von der Uhr und auch aus dem download den Code kopiert und bei whatdrip eingegeben. Trotzdem dieser Fehlerhinwies.
      Was muss ich machen?


      1. Thank you for the hints.
        I bought the GTS2 mini.
        Hopefully everything is done right.
        With whatdrip+ the status “Authorization failde,sleep” is displayed.
        But I copied the correct MAC address from the watch and also from the download and entered it into whatdrip. Nevertheless this error message.
        What should I do?


        1. Hai trovato la soluzione al tuo problema ? Anche io ho un GTS 2 MINI e con l’app ufficiale non riesco a farlo funzionare con le glicemie (funziona solo con l’app modificata, ma perdendo tutte le funzioni dello smartwatch !)


  5. Hi Artem, very happy to read you, and thanks for your reply in these terrible moments.
    no, I did not miss it,, but I thought, due to9 the fact that there you speak only of MiBand, and to the fact that in xDrip+ settings there are two options, for MiBand and Amazfit smarwatch, I supposed, wrongly, that I had to apply the Amazfit one.
    I suggest you to add to: “Go to xdrip Settings -> Smart watch features -> MiBand and enable option “Use MiBand” the phrase ” for both Miband AND Amazfit”.
    IMO this should solve any doubt, doesn’t it?
    My little cent, anyway the decision is up to you, obviopusly.
    Andrea 🙂


  6. I have an Amazfit Bip U Pro. I was able to get patched Zepp app to get Bluetooth address followed by ; and a string which I assume is the auth code that I keep reading about. I then installed official Zepp app and I have tried several versions of xDrip+. The Patreon xdrip-miband_0.7.apk installs but according to xDrip system status does not connect or authenticate. I tried xDrip-plus-20220519-e557cba.apk which connects but does not authenticate. Whatever older version of xDrip I already had did not connect or authenticate. I tried the nightly build from last night which will connect but not authenticate. I have not found the authorize option under the MiBand of any version of xDrip. I think I need to authorize or authenticate and figure out how to get an xDrip watchface to watch. From Settings -> Smart Watch Features -> MiBand I keep getting “Cannot authorize miband, please recheck Auth code” or “Authentication failed due to authentication timeout”. On System Status -> MiBand, I am getting “State: Authorization failed”. Any suggestions on what to try from here are greatly appreciated.


  7. Hii!!! Big thanks for this. I’m currently using Amazfit BIP U watch and only recieving the high/low alarms. Can you please help?


  8. I am using Xdrip with AAPS, the artificial pancreas app. After updating to Android 11, AAPS 3.1 requires an Xdrip version which is no older than 14 Jan 2022 but unfortunately your version is based off the 13 Jan 2022 version. Are you planning to merge your code into a more recent xdrip version?

    I am not familiar with app compiling but could I theoretically merge your mods into a more recent xdrip version myself?


  9. One question about GTS 2 Mini. when you talk about 20 battery day, is this watch ALWAYS ON as pebble watches? or only turn on when you need-rotate hand?

    which xiaomi amazfit watches can be used ALWAYS ON (screen showing data)?



  10. Saludos compañeros. Espero que a todos os vaya bien.
    Estamos teniendo problemas para ver la gráfica en los gts2 mini, tanto con watchxdrip como con el apartado de miband.
    Uno de los problemas es que cuando enlazamos el tel y con zeep modificada xdrip no reconoce la clave de autenticación aunque la copiemos de la carpeta freemyband.
    Esto nos sucede tanto si dejamos instalada la app zeep modificada como si eliminamos ésta e instalamos la oficial tras obtener la clave de autenticación.
    Podíais orientarnos un poco?
    Puede ser debido a que es la nueva versión de amazfit gts2 mini?


    1. Yo sí que he conseguido enviar los datos al reloj amazfit gts 2 mini (versión nueva) , pero cuando pongo a cargar el móvil en la aplicación watchxdrip me aparece el fallo de autentificacion y me deja de funcionar.
      no encuentro la solución.


  11. Añadir que también hemos realizado el paso de eliminar las esferas predeterminadas del reloj y estamos utilizando la versión de xdrip 0.7 y de zeep 5.6.1, puesto que la versión 6 de zeep no enlaza con el reloj en algunos casos o no se descarga


  12. Buenos días. Podrías incluir en la versión de xdrip 0.7 la opción de carelink como fuente de datos?
    Muchos gts2 mini no enlazan con la app oficial de xdrip.


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