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New xdrip now supports MiBand 5

Hello to all. I’m glad to announce the release of a new version of xdrip. It has a lot of changes suggested by patrons. I hope you enjoy them. Special thanks for patrons Monoid, kyungmee Yoo, mzst 123, Lukas Petro, Alberto HD,Otto75so3e, Michalis Velonakis whos supported this project. Their contributions were spent to buy a new MiBand5 and implement miband 5 integration and to improve xdrip features.

Please note, this is a beta xdrip version. If there are no issues, the pull request will be sent to the official xdrip application.

The configuration for MiBand5 was left unchanged. And has the same procedure as for MiBand4. (just make sure you use an updated patched MiFit v4.2.0)

New watchface legend for MiBand5

The MiBand4 have the same watchface except it has missing weather information

Xdrip miband integration apk changelog

If you like this project and want to thank an author for work done or want to support further development of features, become a sponsor on Patreon

If you have some advices regarding features that you want to see, or want to see similar feature on some specific band type, please write them in the comment of the donation form.

The latest version can be found here.


  • Synchronized with the latest official xdrip nightly build. (Support of the direct connection with libre 2 )


  • New. Added support of Amazfit Band5 device.
  • New. Collecting step data from the band. This option can be enabled in the “General settings” menu (The pool intervals defined by third-party applications like MiFit. See heart rate configuration ).
  • New. Send alarm missing notification if the alarm were missed(not dismissed or snoozed).
  • New. The band setting was reorganized. Removed device-specific settings from the miband settings (features and screens) menu because they potentially can conflict with mifit and other applications that can communicate with the band. All those settings can be configured in third-party applications.
  • New. Update watchface after alarm if nightmode active.
  • Fix. Alarm hangs on “WAITING_USER_RESPONSE” state when night mode active.
  • Fix. Heart rate collection on new band firmware. Hear rate update interval can be configured in MiFit () or any third-party application. To see heart rate data in xdrip, the options “Use Health Data” and “Heart Rate sensor” which is located in Settings -> Smartwatch Features -> Smartwatch sensors, should be enabled.
  • Synchronized with the latest official xdrip nightly build.


  • Fix. Nigthmode feature does not work
  • Synchronized with the latest official xdrip nightly build (bluetooth connection on android 10 should be fixed. But if you still expierence a bluetooth connection issue, please try to enable “Minimize Scanning” and “Avoid Scanning” options in xdrip settings )

Ver (18.11.2020)

  • Fix. Incorrect nigtmode timer calculation which leads to continious watchface update during nightmode (every 2-5 seconds )

Ver (01.10.2020)

  • Fix. The watchface can stop updating  if there were connection issue during wathcface update.
  • Fix. Replace graph BG value representation from lines to dots (like in xdrip apk).

Ver 0.3.2 (09.09.2020)

  • Debug. I order to simplify debugging, this version has a modified feedback recipient address. The xdrip log reports would be sent directly to my private server. If you have some issues please send me the logs so i can analyze them and suggest some solution. The logs can be sent via xdrip events logs interface. Before sending logs, please make sure you have added “MibandService:d” text (without quotes) in xdrip Settings->Less common settings-> Extra logging -> Extra tags for loggings . After this go to “Less common settings” -> View recent error interface. Leave enabled only “Low”, “Mid” and “High” checkboxes And click to “upload logs” button. If possible, in the feedback description text specify the approximate time when this error happens

Ver 0.3.1 (31.08.2020)

  • Fix. Use the same graph height and offset for all band screens and modes (required to correctly position “no connection” layers )
  • Fix. Graph display changes. Display prediction line even when there no treatments available.
  • Fix. Graph display changes. Display high and low lines under the bg line.
  • Fix. In rare cases, the wathface can stop updating (usually happens when Bluetooth connection lost while sending the nightmode )

Ver 0.3 (25.08.2020)


252 thoughts on “New xdrip now supports MiBand 5

    1. Hi, what is the latest g6/miband 5 version? I am still with,
      its asking me to update new version no 20210308 17cbcf0. Apk but it is not confirm the installation.
      If there is a new bersion can you please update the link.


    2. Ver

      Synchronized with the latest official xdrip nightly build. (Support of the direct connection with libre 2 )

      I think u meant to say 2021.


  1. Hi, is there a setting so that the watchface is not updated during a workout? When I’m running i usually turn on the “read glucose values” xdrip setting and would like to use my normal exercise watchface.


  2. First of all, thank you for all your hard work! xDrip for the miband is amazing.
    Just one question, Is the miband 5 supported on the official xDrip apk like the miband 4 is?


  3. Will the Mi Band (or another recommendation) continue to collect and display data when the phone is not with you?


  4. Hi, very good article. I am interested in showing iob on screen. Is this possible or has anyone worked out how to do it?


  5. Hi there, thank you again for your work, it is much appreciated. I commented on the previous page a while ago but your obviously busy. I am using Bubble Mini with Android on a Galaxy S6 Edge and Miband 5. All was working with Miao Miao 2 but due to a transmitter change to the Bubble Mini it will not work at all. I can either get to the calibration part but then the watch won’t be seen or it won’t receive any reading from the sensor on start but the watch is seen. Is there an issue with a BT conflict when using the Bubble Mini.
    Many thanks for any help as it was a fantastic tool while it was working.



  6. Hi there, thanks for all your work on this project. Hope you had some nice holidays.
    I have a problem with miband5 and cannot get the xdrip watchface at all.
    It sends high and low alert alarms to my daughter’s miband 5 but no watchface. I have sent through some logs from xdrip.
    We use miband 4 with my daughter which works brilliantly but can’t get the miband 5 to show. We are using this version

    Many thanks


  7. Hi Artem!
    I’m happily using your xDrip+ Version with the MiBand 5 now for half a year.
    I’m thinking about not using a phone but rather a Raspberry Pi Zero in the future. Would it be possible to run some python code on Linux and connect the MiBand via BT to the Pi?
    I know how to read the data from the Pump/CGM in Python – I would just need to pair the band with the Pi and send the data/notification/watchface.
    Would you mind sharing your expertise?


      1. I could think of three basic steps:
        1. connect to MiBand via BT
        2. send notifications/alerts to MiBand
        3. create and send the watch face
        I will have a look at your code in xDrip concerning these tasks. I will come back to you once I start this project (sadly not before this winter).


  8. Since 30/11/2021 xDrip stopped syncing data with Dex share due to schema change. This cause our mi bands not updating with latest glucose level. Yesterday 02/12/2021 a fix for the official xDrip version was issued and now the problem was fixed. (XDrip now sync with Dex share)
    Unfortunately the official xDrip doesn’t support the Mi Band 5 so we still can’t see the CGM data on our bands.
    Can the developer merge the fix for the Mi Band supported build and release a new version?
    Thank you


  9. Hi, I have mi band 5.0 but xdrip does not recognize it. I downloaded Mi Fit – the official application is now called Zepp instead, should I still download the old Mi Fit or the Zepp to generate the Auth key?
    The guide suggest the key is under /sdcard/… directory which suppose the phone has sdcard which is not always the case. Fortunately we got recently an sdcard for the phone but its folder is named /Card instead of /sdcard.
    When I installed Mi Fit the key was generated under folder /Phone/freemyband. I copied the whole freemyband directory to /Card. The xdrip app returns Auth failed. I entered the Mac address manually but there is no field for the auth key and it doesn’t find it.
    Btw there is no xdrip folder as well, I tried to upload custom watchface but there is no such folder, most likely is hidden. Does the phone need to be rooted? It’s my son’s phone, he is only 8 and we don’t want to root his phone.


    1. Forgot to add the phone is samsung A21s, the xdrip version is c98a3c4-2021.10.17
      Please help – it is for my son who is only 8. He doesn’t hear my phone calls when his blood sugar is dropping too fast, the xdrip alerts are disturbing his lessons, he cannot always check his phone (not allowed sometimes) and really need any band, watch or whatever that will work with his phone.


    2. You need version of xDrip+ from here / Patreon as Miband 5 not supported in main version. It will find freemyband folder if you used the patched Mifit app to capture auth code in file. Don’t need a card as sdcard is emulated in Android directories anyway. No need to root either.


      1. Unfortunately the xdrip source code is rather old – it’s from january 2021. Any plan to merge it in xdrip master?
        My son is using Dexcom one – customized version of G6 for Bulgaria. It can be read only from xdrip some version from october 2021… so cannot downgrade the xdrip 😦
        Or should I try to find some mi band 4 somewhere? Does the master branch of xdrip support mi band 4 or there is also custom version with fixes (I saw it recognize it at least).


        1. Master supports Miband 4 but 5 is better and last year 5 worked well with version from Patreon (I ran both)

          It’s a bit frustrating that you can’t enter Auth code in xDrip but if you use the patched freemyband app to grab it and immediately run modified xDrip it does what it should. Don’t overthink it or mess about adding back the official app just follow the steps blindly.


          1. I was able to install it on a test phone and it worked (manually entered data, as no sensor was connected) but the xdrip version status shows january 2021, the post date does not matter. Otherwise the band showed the send data and the watchface changed, looks pretty cool tbh. Unfortunately cannot simply install it as we only have one sensor available and it’s the newly branded Dexcom one which is supported by xDrip version from October last year, otherwise the sensor code does not work. The official app does not even have follow up for this sensor.

            Anyway, thanks for your help. I was able to order mi band 4 from the german amazon. Hopefully it arrives and works. The kid won’t use the new mi band 5 features anyway but we need him to be able to watch his BG.


            1. There was a remark that the date was wrong. If you follow the thread you can see versions released in various months late last year, but believe what you want to.


  10. Hi Artem, I am a UX/UI designer. I don’t know if you know Diabetes:M app, anyway I have been the designer of the second version of the interface together with his owned and developer. I’m also a DT1. I just connected xdrip with Mi Band 5 thanks to you. I saw that there are no other watchfaces but the standard one. Your work is really awesome, but I think that something can be done to enhance the readability. If you want and if it is technically possible we can talk to design a new watchface. What do you think about that?


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